Saturday, July 11, 2009

Trip out West: Lake Tahoe (Day 1)

Sunday night we arrived in Lake Tahoe, Nevada! Yahoo! Dad's family had rented this huge house for the week. It was amazing. A four story house with eight bedrooms ( I think ) nonetheless, it was massive and easily fit us all comfortably. :)

Monday morning, Damarise and I decided to walk around the neighborhood and see what sights there were to see.

And the first thing I see... "BEAR!!!" Now, we had heard that there could be bears around and I was not taking any chances. But, as soon as I half shouted/half whispered "Bear!" Damarise started laughing. Laughing! Can you believe it?! There we were in the middle of a neighborhood possibly about to get mauled by a bear and she was laughing! As I turned around to look at her with the look that says, "Why are you laughing?!?!" she said, "Hannah! That's a fake bear." Oh man.... Yah... well... it could have been real!... Hahaha, Oh dear me! It does look semi real from far away... right? ;)

As we continued on our walk we saw some strange things...

Take this pine cone for example. It was a mammoth sized pine cone! Never in my life have I seen a pine cone SO large! It was unbelievable! And rather nerve racking... you never know when a pine cone that size might decided to attack you! ;)

As we continued on our merry... or scary... stroll we saw many signs... and just had to take some pictures by them!

Yep, she's a slow one. ;) Haha, just kidding Damarise! :)


Hmm what is up with that? The street names are Mc Faul, Mc Faul. If you say I live on Mc Faul... which Mc Faul do you mean?

Oh yes, some people may think this stands for a Fire Hydrant, but alas, I'm here to inform you that it stands for... *drumroll please*... Fabulous Hannah! :D Hahaha!

Oh! This was cool! We saw Kent! :D Or... at least a sign with his name on it.

Ute and Paiute. I think they like the ute sound :)

After our walk and getting sorta lost... well sorta kinda... ish. We did make it back home... all in one piece too ;) No getting mauled by a bear or a pine cone! *Phew!* And when we got home Damarise decided to relax in the hot tub with Anna.

That afternoon, Uncle Don, Aunt Penny, and Anna treated Damarise, Sarah and I to a day out on the town. :)

First stop: Ice cream! YUM! :D

Then we drove up a mountain. What a scary drive! (Not Uncle Don's driving *just so that's clear!*) It was a skinny two lane road up the mountain with no guardrails on the sides! Just a straight plummet down to the bottom! OH! How scary!

But we made it up to the top! *YEAH!*

Anna just couldn't get enough of the thrill of almost going over the cliff. ;) She

Anna and Uncle Don climbed some rocks.

Wow! Lake Tahoe is stunning!

Then we decided to go on a hike. The sign made it sound really scary!

And so we began our hike down... little did we know what lay ahead of us.

We made it down from the very top of the mountain, all the way down to the lake. The water in the lake was freezing cold!

And there was this neat old house down at the bottom of the mountain. I'm not sure who used to live in it, but now people pay to go on a tour through it.

We just looked at the outside cause it was cool enough. :) Especially the grass roof!

Aww, this chipmunk was SO cute!

Anna pretending to feed it. The chipmunk never fell for it though.

Aunt Penny and Sarah waiting to go back up the mountain.

And so we began our hike up the mountain. Yah, the hike down was easy! Infact, I wouldn't even call it a hike. But oh my! Going back up the hill was a different story! It was hard! But we made it. :D Yahoo!!

We got back home and rested our tired legs. And filled everyone in on the fun we had had :)

Thanks Uncle Don, Aunt Penny, and Anna for the fun afternoon with you guys! :)

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