Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Trip out West: Lake Tahoe (Day 2)

Tuesday, Day 2 in Lake Tahoe.

Since Uncle Don and Aunt Penny were taking Ian and Andrew out for the morning, Mom and Dad decided they'd take us girls out for the day. Well, Sarah was busy doing other stuff (like drawing! I really need to post some of the pictures she has drawn! She is AMAZING!) Since she was busy being an artist she didn't wanna come, but Damarise and I went :)

We crossed the California Sate Line :D Yahoo!

And went to visit a historic site with a bunch of old houses.

I love how they used logs to write out the sign :)

In we went.

This was the only house that we could go into.

Wow! What a beautiful piano!!

I looove the floor in the kitchen :)

And the sink, look at that fun curvy divider!

Ah! I got my fingers stuck! ( this really happened to Damarise when we were in the NTM training and we had these ringers to do laundry. Ouch!)

Damarise and Smokey Bear.

Dad got to shake hands with Mr. Baldwin!

Oh! It was SO exciting!

Dad! Don't do it! ;)

A tree with a face.

"Welcome to the gardens of... well... the gardens!"

It was a lovely garden!

Damarise, another great picture, sis!

Feeling patriotic?

I love the design on the roof of this house!


Then I decided to go off driving....

Oh whoops! That's right, I can't drive without an adult... so in hopped Mom and Dad... You'd think, by the look on their faces, that I'm not a very good driver. ;)

Out hopped Mom, guess it was too tense for her, and Dad decided to wash the windshield, while Damarise joined me in cruisin' the town ;)

The cool old gas pump.

A cool old car.

After visiting the historic site we went to visit Booster Juice! :D

Ruth introduced us to Booster Juice when we were with her, and when we saw it in Lake Tahoe, we just has to get some juice :) Mmmm Damarise got Pomegranate Passion and I got Mango Hurricane. Yummy!

Mom also got some... I can't remember what she got. :P

After lunch we went to an art gallery. This art gallery had the art of Dr. Seuss! How cool! I love Dr. Seuss books! All the rhymes, the fun pictures, and just the crazy imagination he had. So, it was cool to see some of Dr. Suess' drawings and sculptures. Although, there weren't as many as I thought there would be.

While in the art gallery we looked at paintings by Rob Gonsalves. His paintings were SO cool to look at! It was like an optical illusion. :)

After visiting a few more places we headed back home.

Thanks Mom and Dad for the fun day! :D

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