Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Trip out West: Colorado (Day 3)

Our last day with the Shaffer family :(.

We started off the day hearing that Uncle Don, Aunt Penny and Anna were gunna come over and visit before they headed on their way to Lake Tahoe.

Anna got to ride the horses.

What a special treat! :)

Sarah was thrilled to be able to ride a horse.

Horses are her favourite animal and as you can tell by her face, she was loving being with them!

Ian had fun too.

After Uncle Don, Aunt Penny and Anna left the rest of us went on a walk to visit the cows.

Then this group decided to trek out through the forest... yah... the brave group.

While we girls walked back up to the house.

Sister picture :)

I just thought this bird house was cute :)

We decided that we were going to go into town to look around and go to the rodeo. But before we left Raley saw that one of the neighbor's horses was stuck in the barb wire fence. Ouch! Tara and Doug went over to rescue it :)

Then we headed into town to watch the rodeo. It was the first rodeo that I have ever seen :) It was an experience :)

Sam, Ian, Raley and Sarah watching the rodeo.

After the rodeo we went around the town. What a cute town! It has all these adorable signs and what not and we just had to take pictures.

I love the snowflake on this sign!

The Gondola and ski lifts.

Damarise taking pictures with quite the audience watching her.

And boy oh boy! What a beautiful picture!!!

It's nice of them to explain why we should stay off the grass :)

Looking at the sign that shows all of the ski slopes! WOW! There are a ton!

This sign is so cute! :)

An old clock.

Steamboat Springs.

Yep! They are a ski town. I've never seen a sign like this in any other town.

Sam was taking a picture of something with my camera :)

Another one of Damarise's artistic shots.

Window shopping... er... uh... glancing.

I looove the hangers on this sign.


Mmmm, so many sweet treats!

Jelly Belly Jellybeans. Yum yum!

Oh! This was really cool! The street lights would tell you how much time you had left to cross the street.

19 seconds left! Better hurry!

Ride 'em Cowboy!

Will he become her Prince Charming?

They share a birthday! :)


Ben and me.

Listening to Mark Twain.

I love these stars!

Coffee shop signs always seem to be super cute!

What a quaint town.

We then went to eat at a Mexican restaurant.

Haha, Sam...

Basketfaced Sam.

What a great dinner and a fun night!

Thank you Shaffers for the fun weekend with you guys!! And for letting us spend three nights with you guys! We had a wonderful time!

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Anonymous said...

Isn't Steamboat awesome? Kinda funny to see someone posting pictures of the places I spent my days growing up. The Cut Above was the only place we ever got our hair cut, and Johnny B Goods was a favorite place to meet Dad for supper. I still can't get over the fact that we were there at the same time and never saw each other! It would have been crazy if I had seen you and recognized you and all of that... Have a great weekend!