Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Independence Day

Happy Independence Day!

For the 4th of July we were out in Steamboat Springs, Colorado with our cousin and her family. It was really fun to be in such a touristy town for the 4th :)

We went out into town around 10am to watch a parade. It was fun and really neat to be in the States celebrating the 4th! All the Americans were so patriotic :) It was cool.

After the parade we walked around town to see what was around.

A fire hydrant. :)

Andrew and Benjamin Franklin.

Sam and Ben.

Since the town was pretty packed full of people after the parade we decided to head up into the mountains to look at a waterfall.

So we hiked down a short path...

Until we came to the falls. WOW! It was beautiful!

Damarise and me by the falls.

Damarise taking a picture of the two most wonderful parents ever!

And the picture :) Awww...

Tara, Raley and Sam.

Damarise.... the photographer.

Yep, I was there :)

Sam going through all his treasures that he got from the 4th of July parade.

Mom and Dad :) Awwwww

Damarise and me in our 4th of July garb :)

We went back to our cousin's house after the hike to rest before heading back into town to watch the fireworks.

Cody. Their horse.

Raley was showing us her cool flip off the horse.

Sarah enjoying riding a horse. She loves horses!

Damarise and me... we didn't ride the horses ;)

And when night came we went back in town for the fireworks.

It was freezing! I have never ever in my whole life been cold on the 4th of July! But, when the fireworks started it was totally worth the cold!

Andrew in his festive hat :)

And Sam keeping his head warm. :)

The fireworks!

So pretty!

These willow tree looking ones were my favourite!

And the finale!!! Way cool!!!

Here's the video clip of the finale! It was amazing!!!

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laura08 said...

Nice! You like the willow-tree looking fireworks? Those are my favorite too.

Laura E.(from KC)