Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Trip out West: Colorado (Day 1)

Friday morning came way to soon. We were off on the road again by 6am. *Yawn* This time bound for Colorado. :D

Damarise drove for most of the morning. She's an amazing driver! :) Way to go Damarise!

Look at those mountains! This part of the roadtrip was wonderful because the view was just stunning!

"Purple mountains majesty". I'd always wondered where in the world they came up with that for the song "America the Beautiful". And now I know. The purple mountains were gorgeous!

My feet... to prove I was there ;)

The backrow buddies :)

The cooler that was next to me the whole trip.

Happy parents! :D


The Continental Divide! Right through our legs. :D

Yahoo!!! It was so cool! :)

Then.... (the coolest thing ever!) we came across snow!!! SNOW! :D I haven't seen snow in three years! And boy have I missed it! Well, we saw snow way out in a field somewhere and how could we resist getting out of the car to go over and touch it? We couldn't. So over the swampy lands, and through swarms of ruthless mosquitos we made it to the snow! :)

Snowball fight :D

Yes! It's real snow!!! And yes, we were freezing cold!

Brrrr.... cold!

It was exciting!!! :D

YAY for snow!! :D

Snow!!! Yah, it was a tad bit dirty, but it was snow! :)

Going back to the car... trying to out run the mosquitos.

Andrew brought a snowball back for Mom.

These plants were on our way back from the snow. They were so cool! I love the leaves!! :)

Pretty flowers! :)

Then it started raining.

We stopped off at this pretty overlook though, cause it was just to gorgeous to pass up.

Damarise, our photographer.

Damarise and I.

My wonderful parents!

We got to our cousin's house that night and celebrated the 4th of July with them the next day... but I'll save that for another post. :)

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Anonymous said...

You've got to be kidding me! I was in Steamboat Springs on the 4th and we were at Rabbit Ears on the... 2nd. Wish I would've known that you'd be there. I always love meeting the people whose blogs I follow! Hope you have a great day!