Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Ellenbargers!

The day after we arrived in Arkansas, the Ellenbargers had us over for the afternoon and dinner :) It was so great to visit with them! :D They have been sending us packages ever since we first went overseas :) And have just been a huge encouragement and support to us! It was wonderful to see them again!

Sara and I :) She's a wonderful friend!!!

Carrie and I. She's grown up SO much since I last saw her!

We played charades :P

Andrew and Sara :)

Hahaha! I love this picture! This was a charade of Sara being the teen driving and Damarise being the freaked out parent. :P And Ian's the kid in the back acting totally nonchalant. :P

Damarise and Sara. :)

Andrew trying to be muscle man... ;)

Um, yah, Andrew sometimes thinks he's a dog.... ok! ok! Not really! It was charade... I think he was a leopard.

Sara and I chit chatting. :)

Woo Hoo!!! Go Damarise!

Hehe, Andrew was getting lot of attention :)

Andrew tried to escape... but Liz caught him. :)

Sarah and Liz. Sarah's face was still swollen from having her tooth taken out, so she didn't want to show it.

But we convinced her it didn't look that bad! And we got a cute picture of Sarah and Liz :)

Sara and Ian :) Awww

Wow! Liz is strong!!


Friends! :)

All the kids who were there.

Sara and I with our dads :)

And us with our parents :)

Thank you Ellenbargers for the yummy pizza and the fun we had with you all!!!

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