Tuesday, June 30, 2009

AQ Chicken

Sunday we went to FBC (Fellowship Bible Church in Springdale). That's the church we went to when we lived in Arkansas for 8 years. Oh! It was SO nice to be back! It definitely feels like home there. :) It was a wonderful morning with wonderful teaching and the best thing of all... it was all in English! I could understand every single word of it! It was so wonderful!

Anyways, after church we went out to lunch with some of the couples from church. We went to AQ Chicken! Mmmm, that is the best restaurant! And it's only in Arkansas. :)

Andrew, me, and Sarah waiting for our food :)

The menu.

Sarah and I.

Damarise and Ian.

Andrew had three straws in his drink. He was shocked!

Andrew and I.

They had a honey bear!!! :D I love those guys!

Andrew's heart :) awwww

Andrew pretended he was stuck behind jail bars :P

It was an amazing lunch of fried chicken, mashed potatoes and apples! Thank you for the food!!

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