Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Youth Group Goodbye Party

Our last Friday in Nampula (the 27th) the youth group threw us a goodbye party. We had a really nice time getting to hang out with everyone! Thanks Woodrows for all the planning you did for it :) 

We got there a bit early. So we watched Annie put up our Goodbye sign. :)

The cute smilie on the fridge made out of magnets. 

Good Bye :(

We played some games outside, and when we were all worn out we played Identity. :) It was a blast!

Umm... Gracie and I :D Haha... 

The boys... 

Aunt Julie made us a WONDERFUL meal of burritos! Mmmm... she makes amazing burritos! Thank you Aunt Julie!

Now the fridge face is sad cause we're leaving :( 

Ooooo doesn't that look good! :D

One table of eaters :)

And the other table.

Then we played a game with a present. It's like hot potato only when you get the present you unwrap a layer and read the slip of paper inside of that layer. Then do whatever the piece of paper tells you to. 

Andrew had to have his picture taken with me :P Haha. 

Bethy! I have a pretty sister :)

Esther (Haddie) unwrapping it. 

Thomas had to write our last name backwards with his eyes closed. It was tough! 

Haha, everyone crowded around Thomas. 

How many marshmallows can Sarah Ellen fit in her mouth??

The answer: three. 

Haha... Gracie, Sarah and Haddie all let down their hair so that they could dance to the music :P 

Haddie and I :)

After the game we sang some songs and then everyone shared a memory, something they would miss about us, or some encouragement. It was really sweet of everyone! :) Then they prayed for us. ... It was a really nice time and I am so thankful for the youth group God has in Nampula. They are a wonderful bunch of teens serving God with all their heart. It is really encouraging to see! I miss them SO much!

After praying we watched a movie :) We had our own little theater set up :) A sheet hanging from the bannister, a projector, the computer and vwala... we had a theater :D

The next morning we ate breakfast... 

played some games :) And then got ready to head over to the orphanage. But I'll save that for another post :)

Thank you again to the youth group for all you guys did to make our goodbye party special and memorable! We miss you all SO much! 

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