Monday, April 06, 2009

Packing Up & Moving Out

Friday, March 27th, we packed up everything that needed to go to Zambia. We were waiting for a container to come pick up our stuff from the house, but when it started looking like we wouldn't be getting a container for quite some time the Woodrows offered that we could store everything at their place until our container came to whisk everything off to Maputo to wait until our move to Zambia. 

So, Friday some men from the VI came over to help us load everything into the Woodrow's truck to bring over to their place. 

Here is all the stuff that needs to go :)

The boys and Sr. Mario swept out the truck before we started to load everything up onto it. 

Mr. Martin was an amazing packer! He fit everything in perfectly :)

The now "empty" house. Well, empty as in our stuff it mostly gone. ;)

The pile on the truck just kept growing!

Mr. Michael, Mr. DJ and Mr. John helped us out too :)

Then we moved it over to the Woodrow's containers to store. 

This is everything of mine that I am bringing back to the US. :) 

Ian cleaning out their room. 

And the view of the house with all of it's empty rooms. We cleaned it out Monday and moved over to the Woodrows. (BIG thank you to the Woodrows for letting us move in with them :) ) Tuesday we cleaned up the house and gave the keys back to the Dono (Land lord). But not before we snapped some pictures :)

The boy's room. 

Our lovely bathroom :)

Mom and Dad's room...hmmm I'm starting to think that I should have gotten some pictures when there was furniture in the rooms. Whoops! 

Our room. 

The kitchen :) Bright green! 

And the living room. 

The hallway that never ends ;) 

The side of our house by the kitchen and living room. 

And the other side. Our room is the closest. Then Mom and Dad's. The bathroom and last but not least the boy's room. And that is our car at the very very end :) 

Our back "yard". It has three dipendencias. The closest one is where we stored Dad's tools and stuff.  Then a bathroom. Then a little storage room for tires and wood and bricks or whatever construction type stuff was left at the house. Then is Sarah's dipendencia. She had it all decorated with animal pictures :) And did her school work in there. And the last one is where Dona Rosa and Sr. Mario would eat and iron. And where bebe AndrĂ© would sleep.  

Our front porch. 

Our front yard. 

And some little things around the house :)

This is our kitchen faucet. 

Our water tank. 

The Mozambican sockets. 

Our electricity. We buy a certain about of electricity ever month. Type in whatever the number is that comes on the receipt. And it tells us how much electricity we have. :) We usually go through 20 something (I'm not sure what it is) a day. 

Sarah with her papaya tree that she planted from a seed! WOW!!! 

And her neem tree. 

Sarah was telling me all about her trees. :)

Our front porch.

This is the view on the right side of our house. Beautiful eh? 

This is how we get hot water in the shower. :)

The circuit breaker turns on the heater in that big nozzle on top of the shower and vwala we have hot water. 

Ian and Andrew on the guava tree. Sarah, Ian and Andrew all have their own sitting spots on it. And it's the only good climbing tree in our yard, so it gets climbed a lot. ;)

The doorbell. :) It makes a bzzzzz sound.

Sarah with her favourite fly swatter. 

And again with her favourite soda. Fanta :) Mmmm

And that is our packing up and moving out experience from our house in Nampula. I think it was the easiest packing and moving experience ever! :D We had so many people helping us out that everything we did went by really fast. Thank you everyone for helping us move out of our house. 

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