Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Visit to the Orphanage

Saturday, March 28th, the youth group headed off to the orphanage. A couple weeks ago we had put on a car wash to raise money to give to the orphanage. And finally the day came when we could all head over there to give it to them. 

Victor and Christina run the orphanage. They are doing an amazing job! When we got to the orphanage Christina showed us around.  In this picture we are next to the girl's dorm. 

This is where the older boys are staying now. Their dorm was really bad so a new one is being built for them :D ... But for now they are camping out. 

And the little boys are staying in the used-to-be-dining-hall. :)

This is the new dorm for the boys! Doesn't it look nice!!! 

And this is Victor and Christina's house. 

Victor gathered all the kids around to talk with us and play some music for us :) This little guy was AMAZING on the drums!

Then Kent got up and thanked Victor and Christina for all they are doing with the kids. And gave them the money. 

Some of the cute kids!

Awww. :)

The Youth Group with all the orphanage. They are an amazing group!! :D 

Victor and Christina took us back to the Woodrow's place in their truck. It was fun! 

Some of the views in Nampula. 

Everyone in the truck :)

Thanking them for the ride home and for the wonderful time we had at the orphanage :)

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