Monday, March 16, 2009

Youth Group Car Wash

Saturday morning most of the Nampula youth group piled over to the MAF hanger to clean cars inside and out and change oil. Why? Well, it all started with Thomas :) 

Thomas had been reading "Do Hard Things" (a great book by the way), and decided he wanted to do something "hard". So he asked the youth group what they thought of doing a car wash and changing oil to raise money from to give to an orphanage here in town. We all thought it was a grand idea and were ready to do it whenever the day came. 

Which brings us to Saturday morning when we all came to the MAF hanger. The day had come and we were all ready to work :)

The MAF hanger. Thomas' dad is an MAF pilot. 

Annie and Esther. We had all brought treats so that while people were waiting for their cars they could snack :)

Andrew Iseminger. Happy to be there! :D

Riley sweeping out a place on the ground so that they could lay there when they changed oil. 

How many men and boys does it take to change one car's oil? ;) Just kidding, Dad and Mr. LePoidevin were explaining how to change oil. 

Thomas giving it a whir. 

Dad showing Elijah and Riley different stuff.

Esther and I helped scrub down the car mats. 

Andrew and Andrew. Shocking! ;) 

Damarise used my video camera to catch some of the fun we had :) Thank you Damarise!

Making our car sparkling clean!

How many people can fit under a car? :)

Greasing car joints... ( i think that's what it is )

Yes, we all got a bit wet ;) 

We had so much fun scrubbing cars down! :)

All the girls who were there :) 

Sarah was drenched and cooold! 

An MAF plane. 

Andrew and Thomas. Happy happy happy! 

Ian got a wee bit dirty changing oil ;)

Annie and I vacuuming rugs. 

My beautiful older sister, Damarise.

Riley and Kent changing oil. 

Eww... look at those oily hands! They were hard at work! 

Some of the cleaning tools. 

What's in the vacuum? 

Riley and Andrew checking out a plane's engine. 

A row of cars :) 

Fixing up Mr. DJ's car. 

"Scrub a Dub Dub"

Aw, Esther and Sarah are nice and clean! :)


Thomas, Andrew and Ian :) They worked hard! 

Damarise and Gracie :)

All the girls again... sitting on each other's knees. :)

Ohh it was so cool! Damarise, Esther and I went out onto the tarmac while an LAM plane was taking off and we were waving to the plane and the pilot waved back :) We were so happy :) haha. Then when we were done cleaning all the cars everyone went onto the tarmac to wave to people getting off an LAM plane :)

When we finished at the airport Kent, Damarise, Andrew, Gracie, Sarah, Ian and I headed over to the Zwart's place to wash their car. 

They had some beautiful flowers! 

After a looong, but definitely fun day, we headed back home... with a bit of a sunburn and great memories :)

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