Monday, March 16, 2009

"We Are Family!"

January 18th, our Woodbull anniversary, came and went without much of a celebration due to Ian being sick and down in South Africa. But, two months later we finally got around to celebrating! Yahoo! We have been Woodbulls for over TWO years now!!! Wow! God is SO good in giving me five more amazing siblings :) 

So how did we celebrate two spectacular years?

Saturday night we Woodbulls went out to eat at a restaurant in town. It was fun and tasty :)

Sarah and Gracie, my beautiful little sisters!

Andrew, Benaiah, Sarah and Gracie :) The greatest younger siblings ever!

Bethy and me... and Kent :) 

Oooo look at that pizza! It was delicious! Thank you to the parents for paying :) 

We got home later and had some delicious homemade icecream and brownies!! Thank you Aunt Julie, Benaiah, Andrew and Bethy! 

Then we hung out and talked :)

The boys played computer games :P

The next day we went to church with them. It was nice. Kent led a bit of the service and did a great job! Way to go Kent! 

After church and a fabulous lunch (Aunt Julie is an amazing cook!) we took some family pictures :) Getting ten people to smile for a picture is fun :) hehe... actually everyone did really well! :D 

Getting ready for our first family picture :)

10 happy siblings! Thank you God for the gift of family!

Younger brothers ;)

Getting ready for another picture. 

I may sound biased, but I have the best nine siblings ever!! :) Each one of them is special and makes the Woodbull family complete :)

Looking into the Woodrow's well... "To jump or not to jump, that is the question."

:D Awww... what good looking siblings I have :D 

Then the fun began :) Haha, we decided to make a pyramid. We had the perfect amount of people... but could we do it?

Ready, set, go! Take 1: We're getting there. Damarise and I were in the middle on the bottom at first... 

Take 2: Kent and Andrew switched places with Damarise and I, so they were holding more weight :) Thank you bros!! .... And we're almost making it! 

Take 3: "And the walls came a tumblin' down" or... pyramid ;)

Haha! It was a blast!

Take 4: Yes, yes, yes! We are almost there!!!

Take 5: Oh no! It's gunna collapse! 

Take 6: Our final one! Everyone is up... haha... it's the dented pyramid :) But it was definitely fun! :D

Sarah our wonderful prop gofer :) hehe... she has some interesting carrying techniques. ;)

This picture got a bit whited out, but it is all the Woodbull sisters :) I'm so blessed! I have the most wonderful sisters a girl could ever dream of!!!! They are amazing, fun and godly sisters... not to mention beautiful :)

The Woodbull brothers :) Haha... all off in their own world ;)

All serious.. except the Andrews :P 

There we go! The best brothers in the whole wide world!!! I could have never asked for better brothers! They are all very sweet, gentlemanly, and godly. And handsome :) 

Haha... digging the lil' bros out of the wheelbarrow :P

Family around the car :) 

And, of course, a goofy picture :) 

After all the pictures we went inside to do our Woodbull traditions. Read our Woodbull document. "Officially" stating that we have adopted each other and are now Woodbulls :) YAY! Pray together... and we tried to sing a Woodbull song :P

Benaiah handing Kent the Woodbull document to read. 

Kent reading it to all of us :)

There it is!  :D 

Bethy reading it :) 

Putting it away for the last time for a while. Who knows when we will all be together again to celebrate our Woodbull anniversary. I hope not to long! 

Well, that is the end of our Woodbull celebrations. It was a fun time getting to hang out with each other. I can never thank God enough for how much He has blessed me by giving me nine amazing siblings!!! I love them all so much and am so thankful for each one of them!!! Happy 2nd year anniversary Woodbulls! 

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