Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Thoughts, Ponderings, & Rambles

It seems like months since I have sat down to write a blog post about what is on my mind, or what God's been showing me through His Word or other things that have been happening in my life. I feel like I've just been writing down the basics of what's been happening on a day to day basis and not writing much else. So, I'm finally taking the time to sit down and write a real blog post. But now, where to begin?

First off, I will have to say, I am thrilled to be back home! Someone once said,

"Absence makes the heart grow fonder."
And I would have to agree with whomever said that. It is so true, you never realize how much you miss something or someone until you're away from it. Being down in South Africa and away from all of our friends and family here made me realize just how thankful I am for everything God has blessed me with in Nampula! He gave me more siblings, the Woodbulls, a wonderful youth group where I can grow more in my understanding of God, and an amazing body of believers that prayed for us and comforted us the whole time everything was going on with Ian. Not to mention what great friends they all are. God has blessed me so much! And I am SO thankful!!

Being back home we have now kicked school into high gear. Damarise and I are trying to finish up school before we leave here. We shall see if that'll actually happen. Lord willing, it should! :) We still aren't sure where we'll be going to college, but we are praying about it and trusting in the Lord.

We're also busy packing up our house. Seems like we just got unpacked from our trip to South Africa, and now we're at it again. Packing up to leave for good! Wow! Nampula is the longest place we have lived in since 2001. So it will definitely be tough having to say goodbyes and leaving.

Speaking of goodbyes, the other day I was thinking about all the goodbyes I was going to have to say, and how most of them would probably be for good, because I don't know when I'll see most of the people here again. And I was reminded (again) just how awesome God is. He is so indescribable! And so good! As I was thinking about all the goodbyes, I took out my diary to start writing, but instead started fumbling through the pages of it and I came across an entry I had written when we were living in Massachusetts. I was saying how terrible goodbyes are, but how wonderful God is. And how neat it is that God provided me with all Christian friends. He knew I would have to go through goodbyes and how painful they would be, but God, in all His wonderfulness, gave me Christian friends so that even if I didn't think I would ever see them again on this earth, I would see them one day in heaven. And that, well, it just put me in awe of how great our God is!! What a mighty God we serve eh?!

Well, it is getting late, and my eyes are falling asleep on me, so I should probably close. Thanks for reading through all of my rambles and thoughts for now. Hopefully I'll be getting back to blogging more often! :)

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greenehouse2003 said...

Dear Hannah--you have a perspective that most people don't--not being afraid of goodbyes or moving. We have moved many times now, in our 17 years in the Air Force--always leaving precious friends behind--but always being provided for by our loving Lord! And so the old campfire song is true: make new friends, and keep the old; one is silver and the other is gold.
And you will be AMAZED at how the Lord will allow you to cross paths wtih these friends in unexpected ways! We have been experiencing that over and over--it is truly amazing how the Lord orchestrates these things (maybe I need a lesson or two in organization from Him...? LOL).
Here is a cool story of meeting old friends again. We were stationed in Boston with our friends Chris and Mo (you may wonder which is the guy and whihc is the girl? LOL Chris is the guy.) back in 95-97. Then we moved, and then they moved, etc. Well, they separated from the Air Force, so the chances of us meeting again through moving in the AF was gone, and also so was the chance of seeing each other again, most likely. GUESS WHAT?! Through some REALLY totally God organizing (He's so good at this!) we are actually going to be stationed in Rhode Island (where there is NO Air Force Base)--my husband will be attending Naval War College for a year, and we will be living TWELVE MINUTES from our friends whom we never thought to see again!!
We cannot help but wonder what the Lord is doing, as we had shared the gospel with this couple and spent much time with them, we are still very close--and now He is bringing us together again--so please pray that in this next year we will be a shining light to them and be gently bold in the Lord! And that the Lord would soften their hearts.
ok, this is really long, but maybe you don't mind :).
Mrs. Greene