Friday, March 06, 2009

Home again, home again, jiggidy jig

After a long trip home, with some fun times, of course, we are back home to wonderful Nampula, Mozambique! It is so good to be back home! We've all been missing everyone here a lot, so it is nice to see friends again :) 

Anywho, here's some pictures from our last days in South Africa and our trip back home. 

The Stolk's place. They are a VERY sweet family! And we've enjoyed getting to know them and spend time with them :) We had a lot of fun getting to stay there with them. Although we did miss Ouma and Oupa since they were down in the cape.

Welcome to our home. (I think) in Afrikaans. :)

Saturday we left the Stolks and headed to Nelspruit to spend some time with the Kerns. A missionary family up here who is down there to have a baby girl :)

Their kids are so cute :) This lil' guy is Christian... who is adorable! 

A much nicer sign than "Slow Children" eh? ;)

Saturday night we spent the night with the Gardner's. Thank you SO much to them for letting us crash at their place at the last minute :) We had a wonderful and restful sleep there... and their kids are adorable!!! :D

The next day we went to Kruger... it was drizzling most of the day, so we didn't see too many animals.

Andrew drove.... :D haha... he did the steering and gas for a bit... and did very well at it!!! Damarise also drove, but I have no pictures of that.. sorry. 

Getting out on a bridge that is safe to get out on;) We saw some hippos in the river. :D

We drove right behind this elephant while he crossed the road. His footprints were SO cool!

Impala... the majority in the park :)

After a night in Kruger we started on our way home. We went through the Mozambican half of Kruger :) hehe... we saw some impala really close to the South African border. And as we drove further along we saw... well we saw some brown sorta biggish animal up in the distance, but we couldn't tell what it was. It sorta, kinda looked almost like... a cow! In fact, as we drove up next to it, it was indeed a whole herd of cattle!! Haha! Well that sure is an exotic animal in Kruger ;) The further we drove the weirder stuff we saw in Kruger. We saw vendors selling stuff. (we wanted to yell out that, "This is a wild animal reserve! YOU COULD GET EATEN BY A LION!") And we saw villages, with people :) hehe... it was definitely a different Kruger than the South African side ;)

During our three days of driving we didn't do much. We talked, laughed, did school, read, watched movies, listened to music... And Andrew... well he amused us all ;)

Some of the beauty of Mozambique!

And goofy Andrew again :D

Ian! Healthy as ever!!! Thank you God!!!

Sarah :) My beautiful lil' sister!

And the middle row buddies :)

We arrived in Nampula Wednesday night. (sorry for the late update... we were without internet for a bit) And the Woodrows had us over for dinner. Thank you SO much!! Ms. Charity also came by with some delicious pumpkin bread! Mmm. Thanks!!! 

And now, we are back to normal life... well... kinda.. we are unpacking from the trip, but packing up to leave for good...while finishing school. hehe, it's busy ;) But everything is good and it is definitely great to be back home!

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Sian Draycott said...

Welcome home - great photos.