Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Week with the Woodrows

Sorry if these are all late updates, but I wanted to post them before it got any later. So, here it is.

When Mom left to fly down to South Africa, the Woodrows generously welcomed us into their home to stay with them for however long we needed. I cannot thank them enough for their hospitality. Staying at their house is like staying with family :) And it's always fun :)

Our first day there Andrew and Benaiah decided to play in the sand piles... right after a rain shower. haha, boys will be boys. 

Graice and Sarah :) Aww... what cute lil' sisters!

Damarise and Bethy cooked some good no-bake cookies. Mmmm

Damarise, Bethy and I went to Bamboo for some "Adult girl time" hehe. We're trying to be mature adults. Anywho, we had a wonderful time together and while we were there we heard that Ian talked for the first time! We were thrilled :D

The Woodrows were working on a puzzle while we were there :) It was fun!

Friday night Zoe spent the night. It was nice to hang out with her a bit. We were going to go to the beach with her, but since Ian still wasn't doing too well we decided to stay home just incase we needed to fly out or anything. I'm sorry Zoe that your plans got ruined!!

Saturday we went to SIL with Zoe and the Woodrows :)

The picture of the picture :D

Benaiah :)

Yah! Andrew Kick the ball!!

Damarise, me and Bethy. :D Sisters!

When we got back from SIL we got to go through a bunch of the Woodrow's old Christmas lights and figure out which ones were working and try to fix the ones which weren't. It was a fun job :)

Haha! That night, Uncle Charles had a podium out in the living room, so we Woodbulls (minus Ian) decided to play court. We had a blast! First Andrew was on trial for not working hard. Then Sarah and Gracie were on trial for being way to loud!

And last but not least, Damarise and Bethy were on trial for "abusing" their older sister privileges. 

Then Andrew and Damarise took some random pictures :)

Say "Cheeseee"

Awww I have two beautiful older sisters don't I?!

Then Sarah started the face drawing. 

And decided to touch up Gracie's face "just a bit"

So far not so bad.

But then her "just a bit" went "just a bit" too far. 

And pretty soon Gracie was covered!

This is what the rest of us thought of it ;)

Then Gracie drew on Sarah :)

Sunday Aunt Julie made pizza for lunch! Mmmmm... And Andrew helped grate the cheese. 

Andrew giving a class on how to make pizza. Haha, actually I have no idea what he is doing. 

Big Andrew and Lil' Andrew we're playing around with the magnets. 

Monday we girls went to the house to pack up. At this point we weren't sure if we were coming back so we were told to pack up our whole room as if leaving for good. Our room was a mess to say the least!

And while we were gone. Andrew and Benaiah decided to bug their older brother, Andrew. Haha, so they built a tent around him while he did school. Poor guy :P

Tuesday Kent, Bethy, Damarise, Andrew and I went to the market down the road. 

And when we came back we played some Rook. 

Rook cards are so cool :)

The Woodrow's fridge! YES! PRAISE GOD!!!

On the way to Youth Group. 

The Maddux' fridge! :D 

Esther set up a whole party to celebrate Mr. LePoidevin's birthday and Ian's healing :)

Thanks Esther :)

We wrote a birthday card for Mr. LePoidevin. 

Riley, Andrew and Elijah

Aww Zoe and Bethy. 

Bethy and I :) We matched :) 

ZOE! :D It was the last time we were ever gunna see her. :(

She taught us Settlers while she was there. It was a fun game :)

And Gracie, Sarah and Andrew played Dutch Blitz :)

The Woodrow's fridge. Aww :(

We helped Aunt Julie cut up vegetables. 

And  she prepared an amazing meal for our last night together! Thank you Aunt Julie!

That night Uncle Charles gave us our physical that we needed for our college applications. Hehe, he was laughing about how we document everything :)

And then everyone saw my split uvula. :D

The next day we left bright and early to travel down to South Africa. 

Thank you again Woodrows for all you guys did to make our stay comfortable and for comforting us while everything was going on with Ian! 

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