Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Trip Down South

When we heard that Mom and Dad wanted us to go down to South Africa, Mr. Pete kindly agreed to take us down there in our car. Thank you SO much Mr. Pete! So, when Thursday morning dawned not very bright and way to early we hit the road with Mr. Pete. 

Traveling along the dirt highway it's not unusual to see big semis driving along. I don't know how they do it, but I would be nerve racked having to drive one of them!

The back row buddies :D 

We made it to the Zambezi River in about 8 hours and crossed right before lunch! It was the quickest wait we have ever had! We waited about 2 minutes and then we got loaded onto the ferry! Thank you God for the quick crossing! :D

We ate lunch at the gas station across from the River. Thank you to Ms. Sharon, Aunt Julie, Mrs. Richardson, and Ms. Charity and other ladies who packed us all of our meals for the trip! All the food was delicious and it was relaxing for us not to have to worry about what food we should pack! :D Ms. Sharon also set us up with a menu that told us what we should eat for each day :D It was a huge blessing to all of us! 

Back on the road again :) Aw, sleep!

That night we stayed at Arco Iris. It is a beautiful place and has really been fixed up nicely since the last time we were there! They had a swimming pool and it was refreshing to get cooled off after a long day of driving. 


The next morning we packed up the car and headed out.

That day was a short day driving. We were trying to take four days to drive down (as opposed to three days) because Mr. DJ and Ms. Tricia couldn't drive us down any earlier. So, that meant we had some short driving days. :) 

After about 5 hours driving we got to... the beach :) haha...

It was a place called Seta. It was beautiful!

Andrew and Sarah had fun playing in the ocean... and Andrew had fun running around a tree :)

Some Mozambican ladies. 

Awww... my cute brother! :) 

We taught Mr. Pete how to play Dutch Blitz :D

And then he treated us to dinner. Thanks Mr. Pete! It was good! 

Next morning we woke up early again and went for breakfast. Breakfast was free, so that was a nice treat. It was good too! Something hot to drink. Toast, jam, omelet, sausage and french fries. 

The sun rising on the ocean! Beautiful!

The restaurant. It looks so... tropical :D

Mmm coffee :)

We four on the beach. 

This is the house we stayed in in Seta. We girls were on the left and Mr. Pete and Andrew were on the left. 

Our wonderful Land Cruiser! :D

Day three's driving was bad. We hit a lot of potholes and rain... but it made it all the more... interesting :)

We drove on the "shoulder" of the road cause the actual road was so bad. 

We stopped at a little shack on the beach for lunch. And Damarise couldn't resist taking a picture of this fishing boat. 

There were also cows by the ocean. Strange!

The Honey Pot. The last place we stayed at. It was a beautiful place full of greenery!

The house we stayed in was beautiful too! All wood and gorgeous!

Andrew found some friends quickly :)

Day 4!! Our last day of driving! :D We were all thrilled to get to South Africa! Especially Sarah ;)

Yeppers, smiling faces all around!

We arrived in Maputo around noon and met up with Mr. DJ and Ms. Tricia. Mr. Pete left to take a flight back up to Nampula. We had a blast driving with Mr. DJ and Ms. Tricia! Thank you guys!! :D  We made it through the borders fine and dandy and then we were in South Africa!

Eight hours later we reached the Joubert's house and got to see Mom, Dad and Ian... And Uncle Don! What a wonderful reunion! It was so good to see Ian up and well!!! Thank you God for the miracle you worked in Ian's life!!! 

Anywho, that was our trip down :D It was a fun trip and definitely something new... we've never made a road trip (especially not a four day one) without Mom and Dad. So it was a new experience, but a fun one :) Thank you SO much to everyone who helped us out on the way down! It was so helpful!!

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