Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Week with the Woodrows: Sunday

Saturday morning Mom and Dad headed off to Zambia. Zambia?! Yes! God is leading our family to Zambia now. It is amazing! You can read about Mom and Dad's trip here. 

As, for we kids, we stayed back in Nampula with the Woodrows. As Gracie put it, "We (the Woodrows) dull the pain for the Turnbull kids when their parents are away." It's true! The Woodrows make us feel right at home and take care of us like we were their own kids :) It's like our home away from home :) Anyways, Satuday morning the Woodrow's picked up Sarah and Andrew (Ian was at a sleep over and Damarise and I were babysitting that night so we were going to their house later) and brought them to their house. Damarise and I came later that night after a fun time of babysitting the Kern boys. :)Sunday morning we girls wore our African dresses. Mom and Dad had some made for us for Christmas :) Bethy and Gracie also had some but we didn't take a picture together :P 

Later in the afternoon we took naps :P hehe, and played volleyball (no pics sorry) it was a blast! Girls against guys. The girls beat the guys on the first round 21-20. Then the second round the guys whooped us 21-1 and for the third :P hehe 21-2. It was a fun game though! After volleyball and dinner we watched Beethoven and went to bed :) 

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