Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Week with the Woodrows: Monday

Monday, Monday, Monday! Monday was a fun day (even for people, like Kent, who think good Mondays are oxymorons *which they aren't;)*). We all had fun adventures, especially Damarise, Bethy and Kent. 

Since it was Monday I wore my "Happy Monday" shirt :) Hehe, ok so that isn't really what it is. The M is for Mcel the cell phone company here, but I thought it fit :)

Damarise and Bethy decided they would make dinner.... and the adventure began!

Oh wait... pause, stop, hold, Bethy dissapeared! Ah!

Oh ok! She's back! Everything's good! Moving on :)... They started to pick out a recipe.

And after about five minutes I decided to see what everyone else was up to. Kent and Andrew were doing school. The other boys were playing with Legos! Fun!

And Sarah and Gracie were getting a beauty nap :)

When I came back Damarise and Bethy were still thinking about what to make...

Time was ticking away... 

And they were still thinking! But finally, after much thought, they found a bread recipe! :D

Oh then we had to decorate the fridge. "Bethy, Dot (Damarise's nickname), and Ana (my name in Portuguese) totally rock!

Damarise and Bethy asked Kent to take them shopping so they could get food for dinner. :) They had some pretty funny stories (Actually they told about their adventures in a movie so I'll just tell you their adventures from their own words :) )

D. (Damarise/Dot) Ok here we are we couldn't find broccoli.

B. (Bethy) No it was too expensive. We went to Shoprite, and we went to casa do frutas, and then Ideal and then we saw some. And so we got it and it's at a hundred...

D. We were jumping up and down!

B. Yah we were like, "OH!" We were so excited. So, we got the broccoli and it was a hundred and ten so we go... do you wanna finish?

D. So we go up to the cash register and she rings it up and it comes to like four hundred fifty. We're like (drops mouth open)


D. That's WRONG! So then we like threw a little temper tantrum.

B. Yah, and we like totally said, "We are never going to buy some from here again!"

D. Yah, so lesson learned don't go to Ideal.

B. Right.


B. They burst your bubble.

(Second Movie)

D. Ok so we have an exciting story to tell you!

B. Ok, when we were at Shoprite. We were just walking around and we were looking at–actually we had just got there.

D. Yah.

B. And we were going to the vegetable section.

D. Yah and so we were walking... and we thought we saw something...

D&B. And then...

D. The electricity went out!

B. Darkness!

B. Yah...

D. So we stood there and then we walked and we banged into a couple of things. And then we stopped by the meat section and...

B. Just sat there and sat there.

D. Yah, then about three minutes later?

B. Oh like ten minutes!

D. Oh yah! Maybe a half an hour!

B. Yah, yah! Probably a half an hour actually!

D. The electricity finally went on and we were like a puddle of sweat!

B. Oh it was SO hot!

D. And someone tried to rob us.

B. Yah, I know! And then cause the electricity was out everyone started stealing stuff! And they started taking it out.

D. I know! I know!

B. It was just like crazy!

D. I know!

B. We were like,"WOW!"

D. Yah!

B. But see it started cause Dot, Kent and I were talking about it. We were like, "Oh you know it would be such a good time to steal stuff and then what do you know next thing everyone is stealing stuff!

K (Kent). They all took our idea.

B. Yah!

D. So, so Bethy and I did karate. (Hannah's lil' blurb: Earlier in the day Damarise was practicing Karate moves on Bethy incase Damarise got robbed. Haha!)

B. Yah! We saved the store!!


B. That store should be grateful! But they didn't even say thank you!

D. I know.

B. Oh well.

D. They could've given us stuff for free.

B. I know! At least they could've done that!

D. Well we're here! BYE!
They had some fun times! Although... not all of that is true :P hehe...

Kent, older brother/chauffeur/body guard :)

The two "Adult shoppers!"

Usual site in Nampula :)

The rolls they made for dinner! Mmmm they were so good!

Soo, they ended up making chicken (it was amazing!) mashed potatoes, gravy, squash (I've never really liked squash but this one was good!), green beans and a meringue peach/blueberry type dessert :) Everyone liked all the food! 

Yah! Ian and Andrew really liked it :) hehehe..

It was a FUN Monday!! :D

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