Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My 17th Birthday Party

Friday, the 12th, I got to have my birthday party :) It was loads of fun and I am so thankful to Mom for everything she did to make it a blast! :D

Avery was over in the morning while her parents were out with ours. She helped Damarise and I bake cupcakes :) Thanks Avery!!

Then at 4pm the youth group girls came over to our house :) We decorated pizzas...

Annie and Damarise made a snowman one :)

Then we started the party. The theme was a make-over party. So the first thing was a massage... or kinda. We would draw something on the each others backs and the last person would have to draw it out on a piece of paper. So it was like telephone only on each other's backs :) 

My pizza :)

Sarah and Gracie's foot pizza! SO cute!

Bethy and Esther's flower pizza :)

Dinner :) Mmmm...

It was good!

Next we decorated cupcakes...


Sarah tried to get as many sprinkles on her cupcake as possible. Haha! She had a sugar high!

Bethy's was cute!

Gracie's too :)


"Happy Birthday to youuu...."

Next in the "Make-over" process was the makeup. We had to put makeup on balloons without popping it :) No one popped theirs and we got some really cute faces :)


Then comes the hair. It was a relay race to see which team could put all the bows and clips in their team mates hair the fastest. 

Annie looks thrilled. 

Hehe... Annie's team won! :D

And their hair styles are totally the new fad!  Haha!

Then the lipstick. Two people were blindfolded and had to put lipstick on the other person... Ha!

Damarise and I :P

Gracie and Bethy


Esther and Annie

Haha! Esther smothered it on Esther's face!

Damarise and Sarah


With our lips closed. Wow! Some lipstick job! Haha!


Kiss kiss! :)

Next comes the toe nail polish :) That was a relay as well.

Go Bethy!

Esther's cute green toe nails!

Gracie's adorable pink toe nails!

And last but not least, a dress! :P Haha!

Damarise and I got the joy of being dressed up! 

Me with my dress designers :P 

Damarise with hers :)


It was so much fun! Even in the 100ºF weather!

Ah! Big one!

I got some cute presents and sweet cards! Thank you everyone! :)

The next day everyone left except for Esther so we played Payday :) It was fun! 

I had a wonderful day thanks to everyone who made it special! Thank you! All the birthday comments and whatnot made my day really special :) Now to start a new year being seventeen! :D

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