Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Visit to the Bairo

Sunday we got to go visit Dona Rosa and Sr. Mario's house. :) Dona Rosa is our house helper and Sr. Mario (her husband) is our week day guard. They are a sweet couple and we have loved getting to know them these last two years.

Anyways, we drove Sr. Armando (our weekend night guard) home. (He is married to Dona Rosa's cousin. And Magreth is his daughter. Haha, gotta love all the family connections) Dad was sick so he didn't get to come, but Mom did a great job driving on the Bairo roads. There were a lot of places where I didn't think we could fit, but we did! Finally we ended up at a big ditch with lots of trash and Sr. Armando said that we were there. We hopped out to a smiling Dona Rosa and Sr. Mario. Dona Rosa was laughing and saying, "Ooooo they all came!! All the kids!!! Eeeee :)" It was so sweet. And then she told us that her son was outside playing and he kept coming in every 5 minutes saying, "Are they here yet?" she would answer, "No you can go back and play." 5 minutes later... same thing :) Awwwww!

So, first they showed us their new house! It was, WOW! Mom and Dad said they used to live in a tiny one room mud house with a straw roof, but Dona Rosa has been saving her money from working and they built this! It has three bedrooms and is very spacious! It was really neat to see!

Their family (minus Fatima) I'm not sure what all the kid's names are. But aren't they a cute family??

Then we went outside and Dona Rosa showed us where the water would flow. Last rainy season it flowed right through her house! Also, all the lil' neighbour kids were out watching us everywhere we went. Haha, it was cute!

Then we went over to visit Margreth. It was cool to see her house and meet her Mom and siblings.

Margreth and I :) Her house is the one behind us.

Damarise and I on our first visit to the Bairo. (We've gone with our church, but never to visit someone we know)

Our drive back into town, Damarise was snapping pictures right and left to make up for the years worth of pictures we lost.

Number One... the Mcel building. Mcel's colours are BRIGHT yellow and BRIGHT neon aqua. You can spot their shops anywhere!

These beautiful trees have started blooming all over Nampula! Damarise hooped out of the car at the bakery to snap this pic. Hehe, this guy walked past her and kept looking at the tree and then her with that look that's like, "What are you doing?!"

Our house number :)

And, ta da! A Nossa Casa. Our house! :) It has an interesting looking roof, but it's cool :)

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