Monday, November 10, 2008

Woodbull's Southern Parent Dinner

Saturday we Woodbulls put on a dinner for our parents. We've put on two other ones before. An Italian Valentine Dinner and a Hawaiian Parent Appreciation Dinner. This time we decided to  go down to the Southern US of A and base it on the old cowboy and indian times :) We had a blast!

We slept over at the Woodrow's place Friday night. Gracie, Sarah and I decided to get up at 3am to play a prank on the guys. At 3am... or 2:30am can't remember when, our alarm went off and Gracie got up and made sure were awake. Then her and Sarah drank some frozen coffee :) Mmm... the coldness woke them up! :D Then we went and grabbed some mousse. (we've had it forever and it was starting to melt :P ) Anywho, Sarah and Gracie went in with the bottles (We only had two) and put it on the guys. They got a little on Kent, but then he woke up. He stayed quiet though! :) Andrew W. woke up too, but didn't say anything. Sarah and Gracie got some on Ian and Andrew T. and Benaiah. Andrew T. woke up all dazed and confused. He ran into the bathroom, well, more like stumbled into the bathroom. I asked him what was wrong. He said,"Umm.. (in a nonchalant, tired voice) I got some shampoo stuff in my hair." Haha, we were cracking up! Next Ian woke up and came into the bathroom to wash up. He had a similar response only more alert. After Ian finished washing off his hair he spun around and grabbed the mousse bottle out of my hands! Woah! Fast thinking buddy! Fortunately, he's a sweet brother so he didn't spray us :) Benaiah never woke up right then. We girls headed back to bed, but around 6ish Ian and Benaiah were over our heads with the mousse bottles (we really shouldn't have left them out! haha) They only got Sarah though. *phew!*... Anyways, it was a long night, but definitely fun! We've been planning to do that to the guys for a while now, so we were happy it worked out... well, sorta worked out! :P

After the long night, Andrew was tired! And slept in the latest :P

Damarise and Bethy answering questions that we ask the parents after the meal. 

Gracie, Sarah, and I got to decapitate and skin chickens. It was... an adventure :)

Mmmm doesn't that look scrumptious!

Sarah and Gracie. Sarah named her chicken "Chicken Joe" (off of Surf's Up :P)

Kent used his muscles to smash the potatoes. 

My apple pie :) 

Pile O' Chicken

Ian and Andrew W. decided to play Risk. 

And Lil' Andrew and Benaiah played with Legos. 

Bethy and me hanging out in the kitchen.

Sarah and Gracie were in charge of making rolls. First step, look for a recipe.

All the chicken guts. Ewww.

Sarah found Damarise's cell phone and was "Oooing" with the ring tone. 

The guys made some bows, arrows, and spears for the "indians"

Bucket Head Gracie :) 

Making ice cream! Mmm it was good!

Haha Andrew stuck ice down Lil' Andrew's shirt. I love Lil' Andrew's expression!

And where was Chiquita during all of this?

Gracie and Sarah found a recipe. Now for the baking. 

The chicken waiting to be fried.

Bethy looking for a spoon. 

Sarah melting ingredients for the rolls. 

Awww! The wonderful cooks! 

And what were they making?? Yep, Kentucky Fried Chicken. 

Hehe, I'm not sure what they were talking about, but I love their expressions. 

Andrew turned seventeen on the 9th! Wow!!! Happy Birthday!

Gracie kneading the bread dough. 

The hay that decorated the porch. 

We really do love each other!!!... Really :)

Damarise and Kent stringing a line to hang the sheet from. 

Our lights had a short.... haha it was fun watching Kent, Damarise and Sarah Ellen try to fix it though. 

The place tags. 

Fall leaves! 

Me... trying to look like a farmer :P

Making the "Gondolamor" sign. (Gondolamor is the name of our restaurant.)

The "Restaurant"

Ian and Benaiah

The sign. Kent wrote the word. I did the fence. Sarah did the grass. Gracie the foot and horse prints. And Damarise did the hills and the sun. It was a family effort. :)

Does it look countryish? :)

Planning out our skits. 

And of course we made ice coffee :) We couldn't break our tradition :)

Hay is so cool! 

Aw! My handsome little cowboy brother. Isn't he cute?

His silhouette is neat too!

Mmm Sarah and Gracie's finished rolls glazed with honey! Yum!

The Woodrow's quaint looking back door.

The Woodbull sisters :)

Getting ready for a family picture :)

Awwww :)

Guys looking serious and the girls blowing kisses :)

The brothers. 

Aw! Sarah and Gracie. Cute!

Damarise, Bethy and me :)

Aw! Damarise and Sarah! Cute cute!

Woodbulls again :) (dontcha just love Andrew' beard!)


Two wonderful waitresses. 

Talkin' wit a strong southun drawl :) 

Is he cute or is he cute?

Awwwww :)

Andrew and Kent acting out their skit. They did an amazing job!!!! :D 
Kent: "Ye killed my dog."
Andrew: "He wuz in eye sore and he wuz on my property!"

Then the sheriff came in and stopped the fighting. 

The sheriff. 

Entertaining the parents with some singing. :)

Then it was game time. 

Andrew snappin' some pictures. 

The Dads versus

The Moms. The Dads won. :)

And after all the fun, we cleaned up :) 

It was a fun night with lots of laughs, good food, and many memories! 

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