Friday, November 21, 2008

Iced Cappuccinos!

With the heat being mercilessly hot... not that heat could be cold... but... anyways, with it being so hot lately, we have been finding ways to keep cool. One way is eating cold stuff. We got an early Christmas present last week, a blender! Yippy! With the blender we have been having fruit smoothies for dinner about every night. Mmm. Frozen mango, papaya, banana, and pineapple all blended together with milk makes a good smoothie... nice and cold too! Anywho, all that to say, Damarise and I decided to try and make a cold sweet drink. And lo and behold we decided upon an iced cappuccino. We first made it Saturday and boy was it good! So we decided to make it again... and while we were at it we made a chocolate milk one too. Mmm... Last night when we did it, we decided to take pictures of the process. 

So, here's Damarise's and Hannah's Chocolate or Coffee smoothie type thing :)

#1- About three days before you want to eat it mix together coffee, milk, sugar, vanilla and cinnamon in an iecream container til it tastes perfect. For the chocolate one, mix together cocoa powder, sugar, vanilla, milk, cinnamon and chili powder til it tastes good. 

#2- Three days later take it out of the freezer

#3- Cut into small pieces. 

#4- Blend it with milk. 

#5- If you have chocolate bark, grate some to sprinkle on top. (Whipped cream would be good too!!!)

#6- The finished product. 

#7- Eat

#8- Smile :)

#9- Enjoy!

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