Friday, November 21, 2008

My Thrilling Thursday

Thursday, Damarise and I went to SIL to babysit the Paetzold and De Jongh boys. And what game did the boys decide to play? Why, none other than Baseball. Tee hee hee. It was funny playing it with foreigners. (The Paetzolds are South African and the De Jonghs are Dutch) So the Paetzold boys were playing Baseball more like Cricket, they had a "Wicket Keeper" instead of the Umpire. :P And the De Jongh boys kept saying, "This isn't how we play Baseball. We saw it played differently on 'Little House on the Prairie'." :P It was fun.

Okk, so I couldn't hit a baseball for diddly squat. (although I think it might have been that the pitchers were to low... cause when Damarise pitched it, I sorta... kinda hit it :) ) Anyways, it gave all the boys a laugh cause most of them could hit it straight on. Especially Christiaan. He had a hard hit! I didn't think he would hit it the first time I pitched. Whoops! I was totally wrong! It whizzed right past me about an inch from my head! I was in stunned shock for a few minutes! Haha, next time I pitched it to him I ducked! :P

My feet :)

Damarise's heel. She thinks it's infected. Eww.

Camiel ready to hit. 

The baseball :)

A pair of the cute earrings that Aunt Kris got for us :)

Damarise tried to get some school done while we were there. 

Aw! He is such a cutie!!! 

In the afternoon we went to a goodbye party for the Paetzolds and when we returned home we realized that we were locked out. Whoops! ... But amazing Dad opened the door for us! Yeah! Thanks Dad!! :D

And to end the day....(exciting, exciting!) 
I was contacted via snail mail by a college! Yahoo!! It was exciting! :) 

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