Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Week of Child Care

Last week, Damarise, Esther and I bravely took on the task of doing child care for SIL during their conference. Doing child care meant watching the kids from 8am-12:45pm and then from 2pm-4pm. Those were long days, but we had some fun :)

We did puppet shows & skits. Esther was great at both ;) She's a great actress!

The girls (Abby, Emily and Susanna) put on a puppet show for us and just played with the puppets. Later on in the week we made puppets together for craft time. 

Some outside time. It was cool the first day, but after that the sun was scorching hot. So the first day we enjoyed the outdoors. (They should really make the play house doors bigger ;) ) 

Aaron. A cute lil boy, but he cried all the time! After the second day his parents kept him with them. 

Esther and Abby playing in the play house. 

Damarise, Esther and I built the kids a tent! So fun, but it didn't hold up for long. 

Lunch time. The first day's lunch was good! Grilled chicken! 

We stumbled upon not one, but two boxes of dress up clothes. We couldn't resist ;) We dressed up while the kids were in with their parent's singing and then put on a skit for them. 

Damarise is Asian :) And I love Esther's face! Haha!

It was so much fun! :)

I love bubbles! The night before at Zoe's goodbye party she was getting rid of stuff and I found a bottle of bubbles, so of course while watching the kids I took out my bubbles and started blowing. :)  

I found a Santa Clause hat and a white beard ;) "Ho Ho Ho, come sit on my lap and tell Santa what you want..."

Abby, such a princess! She is very petite and always walks around on her tip toes :)

She feels the same way I do about studying for the SAT. 

Some of the kidos drissing up :)

Damarise and Esther taking a break. 

We had a contest to see who could dress up the weirdest. I think Susanna won that one by far! 

Helping the kids put on their costumes. 

He looked adorable in his outfit. 

Lil' Ms. Emily. 

Abby and Susanna waiting to be judged in the "Most Beautiful Outfit" contest.

Sisters! Emily and Abby.

Damarise with the two lil' blonde sisters :)

Abby always wants to help with the younger kids. It's so sweet to watch.... but I don't think Fin enjoyed walking in high heels ;)

Fin was on my lap swinging and fell right to sleep. Aw... so precious. 

We had brought more bubbles for the kids to blow too... we did share them ;)

We did a skit on Queen Esther (Guess who was Queen Esther?? ;) Esther!) So afterwards the girls made crowns. 

We watched some old kids movies. Like the Donut Man and Psalty. Haha they were hilarious to watch. Damarise and Esther decided to dance like the kids in Psalty :) Way to go guys! 

And that's the end of our week of child care. We had fun getting to know each other better, goofing off, and taking care of the kids :)

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