Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fun in the Sun.

Vacation time! It has been 318 days since our last visit to the beach and we decided to relax and unwind at the beach once again. The Stolks also came and it was very nice have Grandparents there to enjoy it with.

Our plans (which almost always unexpectedly change) changed. We had planned on leaving at 6am Saturday morning. 6am came and we got a knock on our door from the Stolks. We weren't up and ready. No one's alarm had gone off except for Damarise's and Sarah's. So Dad and Mom over slept. Oh well. Around 7am we hit the road :)

We got to the beach around 9am and it was windy!

We spent most the day indoors relaxing, reading, sleeping and playing games. Damarise went out when the sun was setting and got some pictures.

Aw! Don't I have a beautiful sis?!

Damarise and I played Scrabble all the time! It was the only game we had there, but even if we had more I think we still would've played Scrabble. It was so much fun!

This chair was just sitting there and it looked so... relaxing. Damarise captured it perfectly!

In the afternoon on Day 2, Damarise and I walked down the beach so that Damarise could go snappin' different stuff. The boats were especially photogenic. ;)

Then we had some fun with pictures of ourselves :)



Haha, goofy Damarise!

Bungalow No 5.  Our place. 

Damarise's and my sandy feet. 

When we came back from our walk Mom was sitting on the porch reading. The wind was strong so you couldn't hear anything. We took the opportunity and scared Mom :)

Relaxing on a hammock while reading a book! My favourite! 

Dad slept :)

More boats... they're so neat! 

We went to another hotel type place in Chocas where a lady taught Sarah an art lesson. (Mom and Dad had helped her find a place to stay the first day.)

Since it was on the beach, some people decided to explore, but the tide rose too high too fast. 

Damarise and I went home before the others with Oupa Mike and Ouma Hilda. 

Here's some of the beach houses. 

We went on this back road with lots of sand. It was a fun adventure :)

The restaurant that we ate at the last two nights. Shrimp and chicken. Yum!

We went to the lil' bay part of the beach. It was calmer waters and clear as anything!

Damarise's and my feet through the water :)

Damarise found green... something... it felt cool. 

Here's what it looked like up close. 

Damarise, Mom and I :) I love this picture! I have the greatest mom ever!!

We went on a long walk with Mom around the beach. And had a few splash fights... haha, poor mom was splashing the wrong way and, because of the wind, it all blew back on her. But, don't worry she got me later when we changed directions. 

Some cool creature under the water. 

The sand we walked on with Mom... it stretched on and on and on...

Damarise found a boat again... :)

The bay area. So beautiful! 

Floating... the current was pretty strong, so you could float on your back and it would take you down stream. 

Somehow we ended up in a circle. 

Damarise and I sitting inside of this rock. It had lil' "bathtubs" all over it filled with water. 

A foot tub :)

Ouma Hilda and Oupa Mike. 

Dad and Ian pretending to be in the boat! It looked so real!

This sign cracked me up! It was the goodbye sign when you left the bay part. It's probably to small for you to read, so here's what it says :

Thank you

for the time shared with us
for the sparkle in your surprised eye
and for the care taken of our environment

We apologize 
for the times you wish you were here. 

The car driving through the sand. 

Aw! Oldest sib with youngest sib. :)

Damarise kissing Andrew :) hehe...

An old weathered log. 

The broken boardwalk to the beach.

This was my favourite part of the whole vacation! Yes, reading on the hammock, outside with the sound of waves crashing and a view of the ocean a few yards away from me. 

The stands where the vendors sold their merchandise. Some of us bought stuff on the last night. 

Carrusca. The entrance to the place where we stayed. 

We're so excited to be on vacation! 

Putting the view into a picture frame. 

A crab. It's eyes were so amazing! 

Packing up to go. 

Saying good bye.

We didn't get far before we saw this tree and stopped to get a family picture. 

And one with Ouma and Oupa. 

Aw! They are such a sweet couple! 

This tree had vines everywhere! It was amazing!!

And when there are boys and vines how can they resist?

Damarise bought this neat shell bracelet from one of the vendors at the beach. It's cute. 

The sign for Carrusca. 

Welcome to Chocas Mar. 

A look at the tree. It is huge! 

We had a wonderful time at the beach getting to unwind and relax. And definitely had loads of fun in the sun :)

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