Thursday, September 18, 2008

Toodle-loo Zoe!

Saturday, Zoe left Mozambique. She's been here ever since we moved here and has been a great friend and a joy to be around. Saturday, she left for university in England. It was sad to say good-bye to her, but we are all thrilled that she is coming home for Christmas! Yeah! 

Anyways, we couldn't send her off without a party... better yet, a surprise party! 

Before Zoe's surprise party, she took us out for ice cream. Yum! 

Here we are, thrilled about the ice cream ;)

Zoe said goodbyes to a lot of people Sunday night. It was so sweet, her Dad brought her up to the front of church after the service and asked a few people to pray for her. The prayers were so sweet. Zoe's made a big impact on a bunch of people here.

When we set off for ice cream we set off for an adventure. Finding an ice cream store, in Nampula, on Sunday, late at night...

The first restaurant we went to was out of ice cream. But we had some fun while figuring out where to go next. The boys sat on the wall of the river... I thought for sure one of them would fall in, but thankfully none did :)

All of the girls are sad because Zoe is leaving them :(

The second place we went to had ice cream! Yeah! Andrew and Benaiah were happy! 

So were Bethy and Zoe. :)

The Cunningham's (Zoe's parents) paid for it all! Thank you SO much! It was a fun group!

The cake that Mrs. LePoidevin got. It looked good!

Zoe and her ice cream. Mmm carmel. 

Damarise loves her ice cream too. 

Look at that yummy stuff. It tasted amazing!

Monday afternoon, the youth group (minus Zoe) went out to Nairuco (a nice campground/restaurant area out of town and right across from Zoe's place). Zoe's parents were going to bring her over for cokes and then we would all be there, surprise her and have dinner. It worked out great! :)

Zoe wasn't looking out the right window, but when she did finally turn around her face said it all. She was surprised! :)

A beautiful sunset across the lake made for a nice closing of the day. 

Me, Zoe and Bethy hung out on a rock and watched the sun go down. 

Everyone who was there signed a napkin for Zoe to keep :)

Eating! Yum!

After the food we went to Zoe's place to have Youth Group, and do some games. 

She also got gifts :)

Then we had some group pictures. Hehe, everyone stare at Zoe. 

The greatest group of MKs ever!! :) We're like one big happy family! And we can't wait for Zoe to get back! :)

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