Friday, September 19, 2008

SAT Studying... again?

“The bitterness of studying is preferable to the bitterness of ignorance”

It is back to the big SAT Study Guide for Damarise and I.  We thought we were done with the big book after May 3rd, but we were wrong. We're back to studying again. Getting ready for the October 4th test. We're trying to up our grades so that we can apply for more colleges. 

Before we took the SAT in May, we stumbled across a website,, it has so much helpful stuff. In the book, they have 10 practice tests, which are nice and I'm not complaining, but on this website they have practice tests and when you get a question wrong they tell you what you did wrong and how they got their answer instead of just giving you the correct answer! It has been really helpful. Mom also found a book online that has 1000 of the SAT vocabulary words in it. I read the first chapter today, and it looks like that should be helpful too. 

Right now, we're just trying to persevere with the studying ( I like that quote up top. It's a good reason to study!). I've been finding that it's easy to fill you brain with information, but it is so much harder to remember it all while doing the practice exams. Please be praying that Damarise and I will study hard and long and that in the end our grade can show an improvement. Thank you!

Ps- Isn't it funny? A couple weeks before we took the SAT in May we went to the beach. Now a couple weeks before we take the SAT again we go to the beach. Nice :) Maybe we should take the SAT more often. *Just Kidding!*

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