Friday, August 15, 2008

Olympic Brothers

On the last day of  school the SIL school had their summer olympics. Ian and Andrew got to participate since they were in the school. Ian was on team Kenya and Andrew on team Italy.

"Let the games begin!"

Races! They held toilet paper up for the finish line. (It kept ripping though)

Teammates cheering for their team. 

The shot put throw.

Ian's turn.

Andrew doing long jump!

Ian giving it his best!

Lil' onlookers watching the games.

Andrew doing the softball throw.

Ian doing it. 

On opposing teams but still bestest of friends. 

The last leg of the relay race. 

Showing off the batons. 

Ian passing it on. 

Rope climbing... (it's the MK olympics ;) ) 

There were loads of red ants up there, so Mr. DJ went up with bug spray to try and kill them all. He got some but there were just too many! 

Ian rope climbing.

The long race.

He made it! 

Ian's age group heading out. 

Yeah! He made it to the end! 

Fencing. Mr. Wilfred and Ms. Carola showed us how to do it ;)

Andrew giving it a shot. 

And Ian's turn. 

Then some of the guys went for it. 

Avery hanging out after the games were over. 

The medal ceremony. 

The "platform" was cute. 

And the Kenya team won! Yeah Kenya! 

Italy was still happy! 

The whole school with their P.E. teachers. 

Thank you for a fun morning!

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