Thursday, August 14, 2008

Faces of the VI team

The past two weeks have been the translation workshop for the VI (NTM) team. Sunday morning we all got together and had church. It was so nice to have a church service in English! After church we went outside and took pictures of the team and families. So here's the team!

The team photo. There are loads of little kids on the team! Our family definitely has the oldest kids :)

The Kern family. Mr. Kern is a history teacher, and he is here to build a school (Lord willing high school included) for the MKs here.

The Chees are out in a village work.

The Zooks. We were with them in Portugal. They learned Portuguese extremely fast and came out to Mozambique right after Portugal. They've been in a village work for about 2 years I think, it could be a little more. 

Esley De Jongh! Cute kid!

Melody Zook! She is adorable!

Cohen Kern. He's a cutie too!

The Henderson family. They are out in a village work with the Hattinghs. And Mr. Henderson is my teacher's (My teacher in Canada) nephew! Wow, it's a small world.

Hehe, Mr. DJ threw Ms. Tricia up in the tree... and then tried to get himself up, but got some help from the guys there.

Woah! He almost fell off! 

Then the guys put the kids up...

Aw! Great pic of the Morrison family! They work in the office here. 

The Richardsons (Mrs. Richardson was sick with the stomach flu :( ) They are learning Portuguese and hoping to go out to a village work sometime. 

Hehe, our family doing the Mozambican smiles... or no smiles.

And our family pic. We are going to be leaving NTM in after furlough. And hopefully start a Christian liberal arts and science university here in Mozambique! 

The Roger family. We were with them in Portugal too. And Damarise and I babysit their kids a lot. They are so fun! ... I'm not sure what they plan on doing... either staying here in town or going out to a village work.

The De Jongh family. We met them in Portugal. Mr. De Jongh was the guy who got stuck in our bathroom in Portugal. ... Haha... Anyways, I think they will be staying in town and working here.

The Hattingh family. They are in the same village as the Hendersons.

The Paetzolds. They will soon be going out into the same village as the Chees.

The singles on the team trying to get organized for the picture. *Steven looks thrilled eh?*

The singles from left to right, top to bottom: Cornelia, Kris, Steven, Clemilda, Rubenita, Arnie (he is working in the same village as the Zooks). 

And there we have it. The team in Mozambique. (some people aren't here cause they're on furlough.) What a great team!! :)

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