Thursday, August 07, 2008

NTM Translation Conference

So sorry! I realize I haven't updated in a while, but I have an excuse! It's conference time! Our family goes every morning to the conference at 8am. Mom and Dad leave at 10 or 12. And we girls hang out doing school and stuff until 4:30pm, when the boys are out of school and Ms. Tricia drives us home :)  So here's some photos to show you a lil' bit of what we do.

Of course, doing school! ;)

Then taking a break and hanging out.

And the tree swing! Damarise is going to demonstrate how to do it. 

Step 1: Climb the tree

Step 2: Have someone throw the rope to you.

Step 3: Catch the rope.

Step 4: "OH! Scary! Should I keep doing this?"

Step 5: Ready, Set...

Step 6: GO!

Step 7: Swing, swing, swing...

Step 8: Another person climbs up the tree (Sarah in the background) and the cycle continues.

Then we head back to doing school ;)

Oh, here's a pic of my toe. It's healing up... although I haven't seen any new toenail yet. 

Damarise's keychain animals! Cute!

Hehe, love the face Sarah!

We then went to a tree to hang out.... and take pictures :)

I have one beautiful older sis!

Aw... so pretty!

Love Sarah's face expressions. "Like Wow!"

Hehe, Sarah always has a smile on her face.

Sarah and me. I love my lil' sis! 

Aw! I love Sarah's face here :) So happy!

Uh oh! This isn't sisterly love.

And, there is a glimpse at what I've been up to the last few days. :) It's been fun!

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