Saturday, August 02, 2008

A Fantastic Friday!

Yesterday, Friday, was a wonderful day! A fabulous way to start August! (Yesterday was August 1st!! Happy August everyone!) So, yesterday the translation conference started up for our mission. We got to where we're having it at around 7:30am! Ate breakfast. The boys went to school. Mom and Dad went into the meeting. And as for Damarise, Sarah and myself we sat down to do school. And we sat... and sat... and sat, not getting any school done. It was so hard to concentrate outside! Around 8:30ish the Woodrow's minus Aunt Julie and Sarah Beth *Bethy* showed up! Yeah! Time for the fun to begin! We hung out with them for a lil' while just chit chattin' away, and then decided to go to the house next door and visit with the Maddux family.  They had just gotten their container in the day before! (We were thanking the Lord for that! They have been waiting for a couple of months now for their container to show up! Poor things!) Anyways, they had unpacked it all the day before, but they needed more stuff to go back into it and into other houses. So, we popped in and helped out! It was loads of fun! We moved stuff back and forth! (So nice! I think I've missed it! We haven't moved stuff like that in a while now.) And we had a snowball fight! :) Yes siree bob! A snowball fight in Mozambique, Africa! A place that doesn't even have mountains high enough to have snow on them. So, the question is, how did we get the snow to have the snowball fight? In their container (No, there wasn't snow in there;) ) they had a refrigerator. Which meant that we had to empty their other fridge and defrost the freezer, equalling loads of snow! :) (For those of you who don't know, I love snow!) It was a wonderful treat to have a snowball fight! Anyways, after all the fun of moving stuff back and forth we headed back to our conference for lunch. But since we got back early, we swung on the rope swing! It's the first time Damarise and I have done it! You have to climb up a tree, get the rope handed to you, hold on tight, jump, wrap your legs around a large knot and swing! SO fun! As long as you can stay on. Which I did the first time, but then next two times I just could not get my legs to wrap around! Oh well, lunch time came. And the special  Lasagna! Mmm! I haven't had a cheesy lasagna like that one in ages! It was delicious! After lunch, I went outside and Gracie called me over to see this humngo grasshopper! I wrote a post about a rather large grasshopper a while ago but this one topped the other by far! It was amazing and so intricately designed. It had beady red eyes, adorable, long antennas, green, perfectly arched legs. A beautiful green colour to cover the top of his body but, when his wings opened up, wow! It was a stunning red like his eyes and streaks of sunshine yellow every so often and, my favourite, lil' black feet. It looked like it was wearing slick, black, dress shoes. After admiring this lil creature and the amazing Creator, Damarise and I headed over to one of the houses on the compound where our conference is being held and sat in the living room while two kids had their nap times. It was nice to sit back and relax a little. Sarah and Gracie came and joined us for a bit. Then we had snack, hung out not doing anything. Had dinner and then a wonderful ending to a fantastic Friday, rain! Yes, Rain! Not a little drizzle or even a normal rain fall. Oh no, this was much greater! This was a downpour! It was beautiful! So much rain after not seeing rain like that in a couple months is a beautiful thing! Damarise and I ran out to stand under the pouring rain. Gracie came out for a little bit, so did Andrew W. And we all got soaked to the skin, but it felt wonderful! I love the rain!! It's so refreshing. ... When the rain died down a little bit we headed on home to a nice, long hot shower! So lovely!... After a movie, The Fantastic Four, I headed to bed, where a lovely sleep awaited me! ... And that, was my Fantastic Friday! 


Anonymous said...

hi, i am hannah from louisiana.
i met the woodrows in '06 when they went on tour & came to our church. my dad is the pastor of our church & we suport the woodrow family. it was nice to see the pictures you guys have posted! : )

Hannah Marie said...

Hi Hannah! It is great hearing from you :) The Woodrows are a wonderful family. It's been great getting to be here with them :) Glad you enjoyed the pictures!