Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A LONG hot Shower!!

Some people take a long hot shower for granted... Well, we've learned do be content with a 20 second hot shower for the past year and a half :)... Let me explain.

We don't have hot water anywhere in our house that comes out through the faucets. So on our shower head we have an electric water heater type thing. It's a huge white shower head that has some wires running to it which are connected to a circuit breaker on the wall right outside the shower. When the circuit breaker is turned on it heats up the water. And the circuit breaker is connected to the bigger circuit breaker in the hallway that controls half of our house. Anyways, when we take a shower we have to keep shutting off and on the circuit breaker next to the shower. Keep shutting in on and off, as in turning it on and off every 20 seconds. Otherwise, half the house blacks out. (All you have to do though is go out into the hallway and turn back on the main circuit breaker... fortunately someone else will usually do it!!)   It's been fine during the hot season when we're not taking a hot shower anyways. But now with the "cold" here it's been kinda annoying not being able to have a hot shower for very long without flipping on and off the hot water. And when no one else is around or awake and you stay under the hot water for too long and the electricity turns off... well, let's just say it's not that fun :) 

Anyways, now with all that history (I hope it made sense!) yesterday marked an amazing event!! :) Dad fixed the hot water!!! Now it will stay on for... however long your shower lasts! :D Boy, are we ever happy!!! This morning I took a hot shower and (Yippy, yahoo!) it lasted for the whole time I was in there!! Yes! It was sooo exciting! And nice to have a long hot shower! Thank you Dad!!!

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