Thursday, July 10, 2008

When taking pictures gets a lil' wacky...

So far, Photo Booth has been entertaining for babysitting, boredom, and for just every day fun. Here's a glimpse of some wacky and slightly strange pictures that we took while hanging out as Woodbulls :)

Oh My! We are... weird!

AHH!!! Roller Coaster!!!

Ooo la la! Vee aw in Pari! :)

Aunt Julie came in and checked it out ;)

Haha, look at both Andrew's shirts!

Seeing double?

Uncle Charles also came to see what was happening ;)

And Kent came..

Wow! Look at Sarah's muscle!!

And Andrew... Well, he'll need to work on that one!

Sibling Swirl

The end :)

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