Thursday, July 10, 2008

Week with Woodrows: Last Day :(

Tuesday came very soon. That old saying is still proven true,
"Time flies when you're having fun!"
Wow! Ain't that the truth!

Anyways, in the morning, Sarah tucked Gracie back into bed that way she could sleep and be warm;) haha.. it looked cozy!

My feet... :)

This may look like Yahtzee.. but I have dubbed it, "Distracter of School" :) hehe

Nooo Aunt Julie's been framed!

Bethy devouring her tangerine! We would name them before we ate them... can't remember the name for this one. The one before this one was ReneƩ.

Eating lunch :)

Andrew! :)

Eating dinner :) Mmm.. Good stew!

Hehe... everyone's faces are very interesting looking while they're eating ;)

That night Mom and Dad came back with the Stolks. :) It was great to see Mom and Dad again! And the Stolks too... Although it is mighty lonely now not having five other siblings around :( But that last week was without a doubt a very very fun week! Thank you Woodrows!

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