Thursday, July 10, 2008

Week with Woodrows: Day 6

A lovely Monday... :) We did school... And then went outside and hung out...

Andrew, Gracie, Benaiah and Lil' Andrew playing 4 square...

Ok, I looove this pic! clothes pins have always been fascinating to me... not sure why. Anyways, terrific shot of the clothes pin, Damarise!!!

Playing 2 square :) 

The bros... minus Benaiah, watching our handshake/ballet.. ;)

All 10 pairs of the Woodbull feet :D :D YAY!!

Later that night we decided to play charades :) It was fun!

Acting out the "Johnny learn your alphabet" joke.

Damarise's team... Bethy, Andrew, Sarah and Benaiah. Kent's team was Ian, Lil' Andrew, Gracie and me:)

Ian in a capalana! Black mail!!! bwa ha ha! ;) ;) 

Acting out the "See track, Follow track" joke ;)

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