Thursday, July 10, 2008

Week with Woodrows: Day 5

Sunday! :) Sunday was church. :) It was nice being able to understand what was said during the message! (Thank you loads Kent for translating!) And then it was just a lazy Sunday afternoon:) Bethy, Dot and I tried to take a nap (Cause we were all tired... Gracie and I had stayed up till 3am talking! Eek!).. haha.. but to no avail! We even tried not talking for 10 minutes.. which didn't do much since we grabbed Bethy's cell phone and started typing out what we wanted to say and then show it to everyone... hehe.. Later in the afternoon the Wood's next door neighbors from when the lived in the apartment came over to visit! It was nice getting to meet these people who I've only heard stories about :) 

Later that night we played mafia :)


Aw, someone wasn't anyone.. ;)

Sarah and Andrew were the Doctors... who to save... who to save..

hehe... from Andrew's face it looks like the saved the right person... but Sarah doesn't look that way;)

It was a fun game :) :) And Aunt Julie made a great Narrator!! :)

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