Saturday, July 12, 2008

3 Years ago....

Amazing! Today marks three years since we left Portugal! Three years! It is unbelievable! So much has happened since then. I've moved to three different homes in two different continents, made lots of new and great friends, and experienced new things :) 

I was reading in my diary last night from July 12th 2005, the day we got onto the plane and left Portugal. We had gotten up at 3:15am! Shocking! I remember that day as well as anything! We had gotten to the hotel the day before with fourteen pieces of carry-on luggage! :) (Another couple had our fourteen buckets and suitcases and a guitar at their place.)  We got as much packed in as we were allowed to bring on the plane. We got into the hotel and we weren't allowed to stay in one room all together, so we bought two rooms and split up, we three girls in one room and Mom, Dad and the boys in another... with all the luggage... Hmm, not sure why we split it up like that... Anyways, that day we were supposed to go see some huge aquarium in Lisbon, but alas we were all worn out and decided just to hang out in the hotel. We went swimming, hung laundry on top of the hotel roof ;) Hehe, I bet we looked like tourists, and played huge chess :) The chess pieces were about half the size of me! Anyways, back to Tuesday morning, when we woke up, took showers, and got ready to leave a country that had been home to us for 10 months. We went down stairs and a very sweet couple, that we had met when we first arrived in Portugal, was down there waiting with all the rest of our luggage :) This couple lived a lil' past Miranda so it was about a 4 hour drive to Lisbon, where we were flying out of! They had offered to keep all of our luggage while we were in Lisbon that way we wouldn't be weighed down with it all :) So sweet! Anyways, we got to the airport, waited around for a while... something had happened with our tickets and we needed to get it all sorted out... I can't remember what it was though. Anyways, we got onto the plane, put away our luggage, buckled up, and took off into the air. I pulled out my diary and wrote, "Goodbye Portugal!" Wow... so many changes in so little time! It's amazing to reflect on what has happened past three years since then... but I'll save that for a later post :) 

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