Sunday, July 13, 2008

2 Years ago...

Today marks two years since we left Fall River, Massachusetts! (Saying that name is a mouth full!) Two years! Wow, it sure doesn't seem that long! Time has flown by! It seems like yesterday that we pulled into Fall River, a dark, dreary, scary looking town! It had loads of factories. It reminded me of Gotham City in Batman. But God helped us through those 10 months! He gave us great friends. And loving people who provided most of the furniture for our house. And a kind land lord who allowed us to paint our room, something we had always wanted to do! :) God provided a wonderful doctor for Dad to got to that could understand all his files written in Portuguese and that doctor figured out what Dad was sick with! God also, in His amazing way, prepared us for Mozambique! Living in Fall River was scary! It was a city, and having never lived in an actual city before it was quite the experience. God knew we needed it though, because when we came to Mozambique everything seemed calmer and less scary that it had been in Fall River. Had we gone straight from Portugal to Mozambique, I think we would have gone through some pretty rough culture shock. Wow, we serve an amazing God Who knows everything we need! :) ... And now 2 years after leaving Fall River, here we are in Mozambique :) Wow!

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