Saturday, July 22, 2006


Well, yesterday was one jam packed day:-P
1. I woke up! YEAHHH!!! hahaha.
2. I got all ready for the day *ate, showered.. etc.*
3. Then me, Damarise, Ian, and Andrew went on a walk to Jungle Camp.

4. After that we went to lunch at the Oicles *sp?* We had a delicious lunch *sloppy joes, chips, veggies, and fruit salad:)* after lunch we watched Veggie Tales with Anna-lee and Jenna-Mae... hahaha fun:)

5. after lunch we came home, and me and damarise went and hung out with Kirsten for a wee bit.
6. Then off to another family's house. The Gordons from our church. We had another most delicious meal there* grilled pork and steak, a cucumber an tomato salad, a regular salad, and a bean salad, potatoes, and carrots;) and dessert.. mmm... we had this really good cake .. it was chocolate wafers with whipped cream in between;) and banana cake.. andddd icecream* I was STUFFED!!! hahahaha.
7. then we came home, and went to sleep;)


thai-chic-29 said...

hey hey hey!!!!!
wow...that sounded like a pretty fun you went to the Gordons house??? which the one that has the girls sort of our age??? well, sounds coool.. thanx for the comment...yea..i really had fun with katie..but hey left this morning really early ='( but im ok...she was really cool tho...hehe...we might go visit them in dad says he wants we'll see =) yea..sorry this isn't tired..n need to take a you <33 LOVE U!

elephantcom said...

I say briefly: Best! Useful information. Good job guys.