Monday, July 24, 2006

Fun with Ruth!!!

More later... including pics... I probably won't update again till we're in MO or at a hotel. But Yah todaay was fun... Timmy's, hanging out, dressin up in the MB *old tradition* ;-) tonight shoppin in Owen Sound, Movie[s], slumber partyyyy, And muchhh more!!!! :) YEAH!!!..... so yah pics WILL COME!! hahaha... don't know when.. but they will... lol!
Have a most happy day!

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thai-chic-29 said...

so, wow..sounds like ur havin fun with ruth..thats really when did she get back?? have ya'll left canada yet?? i bet it was hard saying bye to her n really sorry...but it usually gets did when i left canada...not right away prolly absolutely no help at all...

so actually doing really good with hilary leavin so far..i when school starts...i only have 4 months...till i come to Canada...n yea..then i hope things will go sorta fast if im havin fun and yeh...yep bored..right now..n im goin to see the break up with brit n uhh..someone tomorrow...ahaha..when i say someone its cuz im not sure who yet....not that i dont wanna tell you like its my secret bf or
love you, hannah dear!!<33 miss u too!