Thursday, July 20, 2006

2 days with the Whatleys!!!

Sooo, Tuesday morning Dad and Mom left for a night (which became 2 because they got the 2nd night for FREE!!! PTL!) at a bed and breakfast.... somewhere.. haha. The Whatleys were kind enough to watch us:) hehehehe. Twas fun fun fun :) :)

After they left we got busy doing school:-P Then the boys helped Mr. Whatley with PTC (work detail)

Then when they were all done... and were hot... we went SWIMMING:) hehehehe.... fun stuff!

... After the geeeeorgeous swim me and dot went to help Mrs. Whatley with dinner... she made this D-I-O-licious Indonesian rice:) mmm tasty!

While we were helping her the boys, Sarah and Mr. Whatlye went metal detecting:)

Then we ate dinner!! MMMM SOOOOO GOOD!!!!

And of course after dinner we did..... dishes!!!;) hehehe

While Sarah did some more school...

And the boys and Mr. Whatley went treasure hunting some more:)

Then we had dessert...mmmmm... good cake and hot coccoa

After the dessert we watched "Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory"... and then slept;)

The next morning.... we slept in... kinda:) hehehehe....

Then after a wonderful breakfast of pancakes... which were tasty tasty, we went back down to our guestroom to do school.....

Then right back up to the Whatleys for..... whaydyaknow, another scrumptious meal!!! :) YAY!!!

After lunch me, Ian, Andrew, and Mr. Whatley played.... hahaha some game... i forgot the name.

And while we were doing that... Dot slept:)

Around 5:00ish we made cookies!!! :) hahaha.....

And dot made a salad... and Mrs. Whatley put in these cool flowers in the salad.. and yes folks the flowers are edible!

After cooking, we went down bye the lake to the fire pit there and started cooking hot dogs....

... well first Mrs. Whatley started the fire.....

Then Mr. Whatley carved the cooking sticks

Next came the cooking...

And the best part... Eating them!!! :) yummmmers...

After dinner the Whatleys played soccer

Then the fire got bigggg and we all sat around and talked......

Then at like 10 we watched a movie.... after that the boys went worm hunting and we talked:) hehehe.

And that was our awesome time with the Whatleys!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

Ohhhh and please be praying for Mrs. Whatley... she ate a sausage with food poisening... :-P


thai-chic-29 said... sounds like soo much fun..i wish i could be around there..haha..made me, im sorry this is soo long..the girl who's staying with us is gonna be back really soon..haha..we're having a really good time with, g2g..i love you..byebye!! <33

Whatleys' World said...

What a nice blog! :) I need to get those pics from Damarise. :) Well, there are a few that I want as bigger files, but most of them I copied from your blog. :) I keep having my toast/banana/applesause sandwiches. I just woke from my nap (I was really tired.) and was hungry. Kind of do get hungry when you are only eating toast/banana/applesause sandwiches! :) We will be gone tomorrow A.M. early. We are meeting with the directors of a camp that we start at next Saturday. (For 2 weeks..) We need to get the run-down and this is the best time.
Thanks for the e-mail! We will need to get together! LOVE YA! Mrs. W.