Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Protecting and Serving

The other night I sat in a room full of police cadets. I listened as they told their favourite and least favourite parts of the academy. They laughed with each other and moaned unanimously as one after another described the pain of all the physical activity they had done. The room was filled with the contagious excitement of the cadets who were so ready to graduate and finally be out on the streets protecting and serving their city. It was exhilarating.

Throughout the past few months my respect for police officers has multiplied immensely. Their job is one that I could never do and would never have a desire to do. They go out every day not knowing what the day will hold and literally risk their lives to protect people they don't even know.

I've also realized that police officers are just as human as I am. Yes, they have extreme training to make it through the rigors and struggles of their job, but they are also friendly, funny, have families, and love to do every day activities.

I'd also had a little idea in my mind that police officers were almost super-human. They could walk into a dangerous situation and come out unscathed because they are police. But that is not the case. They are human. They walk into dangerous situations because that is their job and sometimes they make it out unscathed, but other times they have wounds that tell the tale, or images replaying in their minds of the tragedies they saw that day.

It is not an easy job and it is a job that comes with very little appreciation. Many times what a police officer does on a daily basis goes unnoticed, but as soon as they mess up the news is eager to run the story. It's sad, but it happens. So, I just want to say how thankful I am for the men and women who serve as police officers.

Thank you for ticketing people who speed because you probably helped prevent an accident. Thank you for staying up through the night to make sure we sleep safely. Thank you for responding to a fender bender and helping where needed even though it mean you have to write a long report. Thank you for running into a dangerous situation when everyone else runs out because you are trying to help limit crime. Thank you for caring, for listening, for being out there every day because you want to serve and protect. Thank you for doing your job well even if it means you are not praised every day for your work or paid well. Thank you for making me feel safe when I am out shopping or driving to work. Thank you for responding to every call you get no matter how small the matter may seem. Thank you for serving.

As I've become more aware of all the duties of an officer, I've become more aware of the dangers of this job. I am thankful that there are men and women out there who want to do this job. And I am even more thankful that God is the one who is watching over them. I can get anxious very easily and it is nerve racking to know that my sister will soon be out there helping and serving. I'm thankful that she is living out Micah 6:8, and I'm thankful that she is trusting in God to help her through every day.

I also want to encourage you all to, firstly, pray for the men and women in your police department. It's not an easy job and they need prayer for safety and discernment. But also, thank the officers in your community. They deserve a lot more recognition for their job. I'm sure a thank you would go a long way.

And to all the officers, or soon to be officers, thank you!

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