Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Traveling Adventures

Traveling to Africa is an adventure.

Damarise and I learned that last year when we realized it really is a small world after all. We met two new friends because we both had a mutual friend. These new friends helped keep Damarise and me sane during the last 6 hours of our flight to Lusaka. It was great!

This year we weren't sure what adventure we would have. We got to the airport 4 hours before our flight took off. We wandered around, people watched, and read. As we were watching people around us we noticed one girl stuffing her bag with American candy. Not many people travel with candy crammed into every available space in their bag unless they are bringing it to someone who is missing the US. So, I asked her if she was going on a missions trip or visiting someone overseas. 

Turns out she was a missionary kid going to visit her family overseas. She was a freshman at a Christian college close to Covenant. We found out we had the same length layover in London and she asked if we would want to see a bit of the city with her instead of waiting in the London airport. How could we say no?

We flew to London and it was a lovely flight. British Airways treats their passengers very well. I don't think I'd ever been called "madam" before this flight. It was great. 

When we got to London it was rainy and chilly. But we decided to try to see a little bit of England anyways. We took a bus to London and got to see some of the city through the bus windows. It was nice to kill time doing that. 

When we got back to the airport we said goodbye to our newfound friend and waited for the next leg of our flight. While waiting to board the plane, Damarise and I were talking about what we would want to see in London. Damarise mentioned that it would be cool to see a famous person, and we both laughed.  Seeing a famous person would be great, but so unlikely. 

And then we went to board our plane. We were waiting in the line when Damarise stopped me and semi-whispered, "Hey! Isn't that Emma Watson?!" I looked and definitely thought it looked like her, but it couldn't be. Why would Emma Watson be flying to Zambia? I told Damarise it was just someone who looked like her, until the boarding agent read her passport and wished a "Ms. Emma Watson" a happy journey. Damarise and I freaked out. We've never seen a famous person! We wanted to get her autograph, or at least a picture with her. But, she sat in first class and got off the plane so fast when we landed. 

We got off the plane too and got ready for the next adventure. I like to call this adventure the "did-all-our-luggage-make-it adventure. It really is quite the adventure. We wait, and wait, and wait, and pray that our luggage made it. 

Last time we lost one piece, but got it back in a few days. This time all of our luggage made it! We were very thankful. 

When we came out of the airport we were greeted with huge hugs from Mom and Dad. We got home to see the rest of our siblings (who are now all taller than we are). It was and is wonderful to be back with them. I love my family!

This traveling adventure was wonderful! Thank you to everyone who prayed for our travels. 

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@lebutzki said...

Just so you know, Emma was traveling to Zambia to do some work with CamfedUK, a charity organization group.