Sunday, November 04, 2012

A Month of Thanksgiving: Day 4

Today I am thankful for daylights saving time. Sleeping in an extra hour was so very needed and so very appreciated.

I am also thankful for church. I love our church. Every Sunday, Pastor Cal delivers such a powerful message from the Word and I always leave feeling encouraged, convicted, and so in awe of who God is! Today was also communion and it was wonderful. We also had a fellowship dinner after church. I love meeting new people and the church has made us feel right at home.

I am thankful for Skype and the technology that let's us talk to the family in Zambia! It was great Skyping with them and catching up on their lives.

Lastly, today I buried my tomato plants. They were beyond dead (and very sad looking). So I put them to rest, but not before collecting at least a dozen beautiful tomatoes that are currently ripening. I am SO thankful for this plant! I'm thankful for Micah for getting it for me! And for his Grandma's knowledge on how to take care of it. It has definitely been my favourite plant that I've had. And God used it to teach me quite a bit about His power over creation. I'm thankful for it and for the tomatoes it produced! 

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