Monday, April 16, 2012

Dos and Don'ts

  1. Do: go to the store to buy food to survive on for Easter Break.
    Don't: not look closely at the label on the Skim Milk container and accidentally buy Skim Buttermilk.
  2. Do: Play in fountains at Coolidge with friends.
    Don't: Turn around quickly and whack into a cement elephant with my head.
  3. Do: Write a children's book for class.
    Don't: Illustrate it myself. Instead have an amazing Jillian Chupp do all the drawings!
  4. Do: Watch 5Ks!
    Don't: Not watch 5Ks.
  5. Do: File taxes before their due.
    Don't: Try doing it on my own. Instead marvel in Mom's amazing tax abilities. 
Yes, these are all true. 

I really did accidentally buy buttermilk for my cereal over Easter Break. (It's okay, you can laugh... I laughed shortly after I realized what I'd done). With the rescuing of the Schreiners I didn't starve over break though. I was invited to several good meals including Easter dinner. It was a huge blessing! And I still have a carton of buttermilk in the fridge if anyone has any good ideas for using it. 

Also, I really did hit my head pretty hard on a cement elephant at Collidge Park. I still have the little lump and mark on my eyebrow to prove it. Thanks to Damarise and Davey's quick ice getting skills and Micah and Janessa's waiting on the grass with me, I survived! 

I'll blog more about my third point later, but I actually have written a children's book. It was a project we had to do in class, but one that I absolutely loved! I wrote my book in a day and then struggled with illustrating it. And by struggle I mean, my illustrations would have scared away any kid who wanted to read the book! But Jillian Chupp saved the day! I asked her if she would illustrate for me and she said she would. Little did I know how amazing she was at illustrating! I have been blown away every time I look at her drawings. It made my little book come alive. 

Watch 5Ks! I have loved watching 5Ks recently. I think it's like the Olympics. I love watching the swimming, gymnastics, ice skating, everything... because it makes me feel like I could do that... even though I never could. Ha. I also love watching 5Ks because I love cheering people on and watching the strength that they have. I got to watch Micah race on Saturday and it was amazing! He did SO well! This Saturday I get to watch Damarise in her second 5K and I am stoked! I love the early Saturday mornings and races. It's a blast!

Lastly, taxes. The only way I survived through today was because of Mom's help with my taxes. Wow! Taxes can be utterly confusing! And it was the first time I'd ever had to do mine. Mom, thank you for staying up way past your bed time and helping me. It was a life saver!

... There are just a few of the highlights (ish) of my past few weeks. Things are picking up pace here and I may not write again til after finals... we shall see. 

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