Monday, December 19, 2011

Small World

I changed my shirt.

It was 2:30am. I had planned out the night before what I was going to wear on the plane and I had opted for looking more dressy rather than throwing on a t-shirt and jeans. But, when I woke at 2:30am the last thing I wanted to do was look nice. I just wanted to crawl back into bed and sleep until a reasonable hour. Since that wasn't going to happen (seeing as I actually wanted to catch the plane to Africa and finally see my family) I decided to throw my nice clothes back in a suitcase and grab the nearest t-shirt, jeans, and fleece. The only t-shirt I hadn't packed was a Covenant College t-shirt, so I threw it on and we left.

We got to the airport right on time, thanks to Micah driving us (really! a huge thank you to him! driving anywhere at 3:00am isn't fun, so thank you!). After goodbyes were said we flew to Dulles. From there we caught our flight to Ethiopia – thirteen hours long. Phew! Our TVs didn't work and we slept about a total of two hours, but we landed in Ethiopia safe and sound!

We stood up after we landed and got ready to leave the plane. A young guy and girl (Peter and Gabi) who had been sitting in front of us the whole trip turned around to look at all the people waiting. Peter saw my shirt and asked, "Do you go to Covenant College?!" Here is the conversation that followed:

Me: Yes!!
Peter: What?! No way! Gabi and I know so-and-so. Do you?
Me: Yess!!
Peter: That's CRAZY!! We visited Covenant College a lot! We got to school in Maryland... wow! Small world! So are you stopping in Ethiopia or heading elsewhere in Africa.
Me: To Zambia.
Peter: Are. You. Kidding. ME?! That's where WE'RE headed TOO! Gabi's family lives there and I've been to Zambia a few times and just love it so I'm visiting her family this time. Are you on the flight that leaves in 20 minutes?
Me: WOAH!!... and YES!
Peter: So are we... and since you've never made this trip before stick with us and we'll make sure the plane won't leave without us all! Alright?
Damarise and me: THANK YOU!

We were feeling overwhelmed at how we would catch our plane on time and then God sent Peter and Gabi along to help us out. We made it to the plane on time and then realized we all were sitting together in the same row. We got pretty excited. We ended up chatting and playing games the entire four hour flight which we all needed. We were going insane from that long flight and needed something to keep us busy. It was wonderful! They also helped us through customs and getting our visa in Zambia.

And I, I just thanked God that He made me feel uncomfortable so early in the morning and that the only t-shirt I had handy was my Covenant College t-shirt. Without wearing that we probably wouldn't have met Peter and Gabi and definitely would have been a lot more stressed about going through Addis Ababa and customs.

Long story short. We made new friends. Our flight was good. And...

We are in Zambia!! We are with our FAMILY! Ah! I have never been SO excited to see them! It has been wonderful to be back with them. Laughing all the time. Hanging out around the table just chatting about anything and everything. I'm so thankful that God provided for Damarise and I to be here. It is wonderful!!

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Siân said...

Praise God! Merry Christmas to everyone!