Sunday, December 04, 2011

It's Coming Up!

Yesterday in the elevator:

Damarise and I had bought two huge suitcases at Walmart to take with us Africa, and we had those in the elevator with us. Two girls who were in the elevator asked us what we were doing with suitcases.

Girls: Wow. Why do you have those suitcases?

Damarise and me: It's to bring stuff to Africa with us over Christmas Break. 

Girls: Hahaha. But really...

Damarise and me: ... Uh, we really are going to Africa! 

We really are going to Africa! 

I can hardly concentrate on studying for the finals that are coming up this next week... scratch that, hardly is an understatement! If I could concentrate on studying for finals, it'd be a miracle! I am way too excited to see the family for Christmas! 

I can hardly believe it is coming up so soon!

I can hardly believe we actually get to go there and see the family! Ah! I am ecstatic! 

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