Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Today (Thankful: Day 29)

Today I'm thankful for... today.

I woke up at 7:33am to snow falling out the window. Ah, nothing like waking up to a beautiful snowy morning. I loved it! I was hoping that Damarise and I would get to see a snowfall before going to Africa for Christmas, and God sent an unusually early snow storm to the south. I'm grateful!

Classes weren't canceled because the snow wasn't sticking to the road. So, after a good breakfast with Micah and Davey, I was off to work. Work went well. Leslie had Christmas music playing and the room was nice and cozy with the snow still falling outside.

I then had class, which was... class. Nothing too spectacular. Another hour of work. And then lunch with the Woodrow family. It's so great to have them visiting and catch up on their lives.

After lunch was my afternoon of work (noon-5pm). But I love working Tuesday afternoons because all of us work study students are in the office, which is always fun, and we have our weekly meeting and prayer time. I love it! Always funny stories shared, prayer requests, and just things we need to know. It's my favourite work time of the week.

Now I'm off to dinner with Damarise, Kristin, and Alicia (our weekly little Tuesday dinner group). And then Damarise and I are decorating our room for Christmas tonight.

I'm thankful for today!

Edit: Later tonight with the decorated Christmas tree :) 

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