Tuesday, November 15, 2011

If I Ran the Library (Thankful: Day 15)

Recently, I have been spending hours on end in the library. I sit there at a table writing, reading, researching, and thinking of all the ways I would change the library if I were in charge. 

1. If I ran the library, the heat would be turned on. Yesterday, I felt like I was in an arctic tundra trying to survive without freezing to death. I was waiting for snow to start falling from the ceiling and icicles to begin coming out of the water fountain. Okay, okay, maybe it wasn't that cold, but it was colder than outside. Brrr. 

2. If I ran the library, I would hire someone to give out hugs. Studying in the library for multiple hours a day can be overwhelming and stressful. A hug just makes everything better. If I ran the library, there would be a hug-giver giving hugs to stressed people.

I posted on my Facebook yesterday, the latter idea and this is where my thankfulness for today comes in. (I know, it was technically yesterday, but I am so thankful for it even today!!)

Damarise wasn't feeling to well and was in our room resting. I was in the library feeling overwhelmed with my John Dewey research paper/presentation that is due this coming week. (I'm continually questioning, "Why Dewey have to write this paper?" ha. ha. yah... I've been working on it too long.) So, I posted my idea about free hugs in the library on Facebook and Damarise happened to read it. 

Damarise text me to say that she was sending me a hug and if she felt better would come up to give me one. So sweet! But apparently that's not the end of it. She also called Micah and Janessa to ask them if they were anywhere near the library if they could come give me a hug. 

I felt overwhelmed with my paper. I don't think any school work has ever stressed me out more. Then came Micah who said he heard I needed a hug and gave me a big one and told me he'd be praying for me. A few minutes later Janessa and Leah came and smothered me in huge hugs. I gotta admit I was on the verge of tears with frustration from my paper and those hugs, well they were the best thing for me right then. 

I am blessed.

I'm thankful, so very, very thankful! God has blessed me with some of the greatest friends (and sister!). Friends who come and encourage me when I am at my wits end, who pray for me, and who give some of the greatest hugs. I don't even have words to say how much it meant to me and how grateful I am for them!

Today, I am thankful for friends!


Janessa said...

I love you, Hannah. And you have the best sister ever. She loves you so much. I'm so thankful to have you both in my life.

Whatleys' World said...

:) How sweet of DOT! I'm so sorry that you were overwhelmed. BAD John Dewey!! Who told him to write that paper! Ha! :) Glad you got the hugs and I hope you are feeling MUCH better! :) hugs...

Whatleys' World said...

PS... If I ran a library I would make sure there was enough heat as well. :) HOWEVER... I can only imagine that it is to keep us awake. LOL. :)