Thursday, May 05, 2011

A Floating Head

Right now I am going through the last minute things before my trip to Budapest! Ahk! I cannot believe it is coming up so fast! Yesterday I had my passport picture taken for a bus and train pass in Europe. For those of you needing a few words of advice from Hannah, here are some wise words of wisdom. I would advise you to not, I repeat not, wear a white shirt while having your passport picture taken. It blends in with the white background making you look like a head floating in space. Yes, I learned this truth after I wore a white shirt yesterday. Oh well, such is life. The adventures of prepping for going overseas are always exciting.


Joe said...

Can we get a picture of that posted? No? Didn't think so.

amy said...

Oh, I was hoping for a picture! Maybe I could try this out with my sister. Finding a white background wouldn't be too difficult and then she could wear her infamous white shirt and we could give it a go. You think she'd be open to being my assitant in this adventure?

Bethany Joy said...

Amy! I can't believe you just said that!

Yes, I definitely try to stay away from white shirts, I always {truly, it is ALWAYS} spill on it. That's why I almost never wear white shirts.